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Why Set Up A ShopWithScrip Account Online?
  • Pay online using PrestoPay
  • Reload gift cards
  • Create e-cards on your computer
  • Earn tuition credits while you shop or dine by using

What Are ShopWithScrip Gift Cards

Every year St. Cletus school and Religious Education families are receiving credit toward their next year's tuition by participating in the Shop With Scrip - Gift Cards for Education program. ShopWithScrip is run by the St. Cletus Family School Association.  You buy gift cards and e-cards at face value for all your shopping needs like grocery, gas, restaurants, online shopping, clothing and more. Vendors sell their gift cards to us at a discount and we sell them to you at face value. The difference is a profit which is split 50/50 between the participating families and St. Cletus School. The more ShopWithScrip you buy, the larger your tuition credit. It's like getting FREE money.

Register to Use ShopWithScrip / PrestoPay

To register, click the button above to establish a new account.  Enter user name, password (we recommend you use more and different characters for best security).  Step 1: Click on "Join a Scrip Program".  Step 2: Enter our enrollment code (this is case sensitive). If you need the enrollment code, please contact us (info at top of page). Step 3: Enter user name, password (we recommend you use more and different characters for best security), account information, email address, create your security questions (2 questions), and review and accept the Great Lakes Scrip agreements. Click "Register".

Setting up PrestoPay: PrestoPay is an online payment system provided by our vendor, Great Lakes Scrip.  Enroll in PrestoPay if you want to reload any existing cards you may have and to create e-cards. Cards cannot be reloaded if they are 60 days or older with a zero balance. Not all cards are reloadable (check website for information). After registering you can enroll in PrestoPay. Follow the directions to enroll in PrestoPay.

PrestoPay takes a few business days to set up since they will place two small amounts of money in your checking account to verify it. When the two amounts are entered in your checking account, log in again and enter the amounts into the website. Create a PIN and click "Next". Your approval code will display on the next screen. Make a note of it and proceed to the next step. Email your approval code to us (top of the page) to complete the PrestoPay process. Please note: There is a convenience fee of 15 cents per transaction for using PrestoPay. The convenience fee is not based on the total amount of the cards purchased.

To shop, click at the top where it says "Shop".  "Browse" gives you an alphabet to choose the card you are looking for by first letter of the word. To find local vendors such as McDonald's, Culver's, Via Bella, Ledo's, Great Amer. Bagel, Casey's, DeVries, etc, type the name in the search field and click the magnifying glass.

If you have any questions, please use one of the contacts at the top of the page.

Thank you for your continued support of ShopWithScrip - Gift Cards for Education.

Registration and Delivery Disclaimer

PrestoPay Disclaimer

How It Works

Every Monday when school is in session, you can place an order for gift cards.  We recommend new customers set up an account using our new online ordering system.  (Click "Establish New Account")  Our web address is: It's fast and easy. See instructions on left-hand side of this page. Benefits to using the online ordering system include: pay online using PrestoPay; reload already purchased gift cards; print e-cards via your computer; (ScripNow); up-to-date vendors' bonuses; saves paper; create a "favorites" file.

Place your order and send in your payment (cash or check made payable to St. Cletus FSA) before Monday 9:00 a.m. For PrestoPay customers, the system will indicate that payment type. The order is received electronically and is saved in our system.

Registration and Disclaimer Forms

Participants must be a registered St. Cletus School family, registered St. Cletus Religious Ed. family, or registered St. Cletus parishioner with a relation to a St. Cletus student or Religious Ed. student. ShopWithScrip reserves the right to deny participation in the ShopWithScrip program either through online orders, paper orders, or Cash & Carry sales to anyone whose identity we cannot verify.  New participants must fill out a registration and disclaimer form (see above for disclaimer form) before their first order can be processed.

PrestoPay customers must fill out the PrestoPay disclaimer form (shown above) and submit it to us (at the top of the page) before final approval is granted to use PrestoPay to pay for your orders.

Receiving Your Cards

Orders are filled on Wednesdays. With your first order, we will send your cards home in a reusable envelope. The next time you order, please return the envelope with your order and payment.


For more information or help registering, please contact us using the information at the top of the page. With a little planning, ShopWithScrip can work for you.