Ms. Hays





Students are expected to be respectful of their classmates and myself. Students will arrive to class with their materials and ready to learn. Students will raise their hand to speak, and quietly pay attention while others are speaking.

Discipline: See handbook for discipline policy.

– Chromebook
– Content area textbooks
– Content area notebooks and folders
– A “take home” folder
– A “keep at school” folder
– Pen/pencil
– Colors (pencils, markers, and/or crayons)
– Glue
– Scissors
– A new paper bag each week for masks

Each student will have their own Chromebook. Students may not decorate or personalize their Chromebooks. In the classroom, all food and drinks, including bottles of water, should be kept off of the desk while students are using the Chromebooks. Students are responsible for bringing their Chromebooks to school daily and making sure they are charged. Students will be expected to access different programs on their Chromebooks for classwork and homework. If there is an issue with the Chromebook, please notify us immediately, so we can fix the problem. We expect students to handle these devices with respect at all times.

Homework: Homework is assigned as practice, or an extension of classwork. Projects and assignments must be turned in by the deadline in order for students to receive full credit. Late work will be accepted at half credit. If a student is missing three or more assignments or a major project, that student will need to stay in for lunch/recess to complete the assignment.

Material taught will be assessed regularly. Students will be informed of upcoming tests several days in advance. We review in class and sometimes prepare study guidelines to help review. Students who receive a 69% or lower are eligible to complete test corrections to earn a higher grade. You will be notified when this happens.

Homework/Classwork: 5-10 points depending on the length
Quizzes: 20-50 points
Tests: 100 points
Projects: 25 points or more, depending on the requirements

School Grading Scale:
A+ 99%
A 95%
A- 93%
B+ 91%
B 87%
B- 85%
C+ 83%
C 79%
C- 77%
D+ 75%
D 71%
D- 69%
U 67% and below

Extra Help:
I will be available for all students before school at 7:30 for any extra help they need on assignments.


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