Middle School Literature

Homework Policy

Fostering a rich literature experience, Jr. High students take a journey in the world of books.  With large group introductions and small group instruction, students work to enrich their minds with different genres of literature.

Moving through poetry and short plays help our students to gain self confidence as they take on different characters and scenes.

Learning in Literature is a rich experience for our Jr. High students.

All late work will be accepted one day late for half credit. All late work after that day will still be graded, but will not count for any points. If a student is absent, they have the same amount of days that they are absent to turn in their homework.

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What’s New In Literature?

Literature Update – 1/10/20

Welcome back! It’s been an exciting week starting all new books in each grade. 6th Grade: This week we read the nonfiction book The Journey to Save Curious George about the authors of the Curious George series, H.A. and Margret Rey, and their daring escape from occupied France on bicycles during World War II. We will watch the documentary...
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Literature Newsletter – 12/6/19-12/20/19

6th Grade: We are in the middle of our study of Ancient Civilizations. We are focusing on how authors present the central idea of a text and how we can summarize a text through that central idea. 7th Grade: We just finished The Giver and are now on Charles Dickens’s Christmas classic A Christmas Carol. We will...
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Literature News – 11/22/19

6th Grade: We finished our unit on The Egypt Game and other Egyptian stories and myths. Their final project brochures with research and connections to our reading turned out great. We just started our reading on the people of the Ancient Maya and will talk about how informational texts are presented in a different way from...
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Junior High Literature -11/8

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Literature! 6th Grade: We continued our deep dive into Egypt by looking at mythology written by ancient Egyptians and read stories about famous Egyptians. We will complete this unit in the next two weeks. We will read a historical fiction story about the discovery of King Tut’s...
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Junior High Literature Newsletter – 10/25

6th Grade: We are continuing our deep dive into Egyptian stories by reading literature about Cleopatra and King Tut. In the coming weeks we will explore Egyptian folktales and their links to their religious beliefs and fictional stories of today. A final project will due in which the students research and create a poster for...
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Literature Newsletter – 10/11

6th Grade – We are in the middle of our novel The Egypt Game! The students will be finishing up the book in the next two weeks and then learning more about Egypt. We will read about Cleopatra, King Tut, and more. They will then conduct some research and make connections back to the novel. 7th...
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Literature Newsletter – 9/27

6th Grade: We just finished reading Journey to the Center of the Earth! The students spent the last week writing their first paper for literature: a persuasive paper on obstacles the characters encountered. We will begin our next unit on Ancient Egypt by reading The Egypt Game. 7th Grade: The students started My Brother Sam is Dead...
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9/13/19 – Junior High Literature

6th Grade: We are in the middle of our first novel study on Journey to the Center of the Earth. It’s getting exciting! Coming up, the students will write their first paper – a persuasive essay. Dates to know: Monday, September 30 – Persuasive Essay will be due. 7th Grade: We just finished our first paper...
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August 30 Literature Newsletter

It’s been a wonderful start to a new school year! 6th Grade: Our sixth graders have already begun their first novel! They are currently reading Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne. We are using Notice and Note Signposts in class, with the students delving deeper into those signposts for homework. Students are...
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