Middle School Literature

Homework Policy

Fostering a rich literature experience, Jr. High students take a journey in the world of books.  With large group introductions and small group instruction, students work to enrich their minds with different genres of literature.

Moving through poetry and short plays help our students to gain self confidence as they take on different characters and scenes.

Learning in Literature is a rich experience for our Jr. High students.

All late work will be accepted one day late for half credit. All late work after that day will still be graded, but will not count for any points. If a student is absent, they have the same amount of days that they are absent to turn in their homework.

Electronic Textbooks

Read the latest middle school literature news below:

What’s New In Literature?

4/3/19 – Literature

6th Grade – We are in the middle of our Greek Mythology unit. The students are loving being put into City-States and competing against each other in mythology trivia games! We will begin our final project on this unit next week and wrap up when Spring Break starts. 7th Grade – We are finishing up...
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3/15/19 Newsletter

6th Grade: We are completing our unit on courage in the face of adversity. We will begin Greek Mythology next week. The students will be separated into their own Greek City States. They will complete their mythology work together. 7th Grade: We are nearing the end of Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl. The students...
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3/4/19 – Literature

6th Grade – We are finishing up our unit on Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. We will read a short play and a book on Nelson Mandela to finish up our unit on courage in the face of adversity. 7th Grade – We are currently reading Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl. The students are...
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2/4/19 – Junior High Literature

6th Grade – We just started our brand new novel! We are reading Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry. Every Friday the students will have a quiz on the chapters we read that week. The students have been informed about these quizzes and they are able to use their novels on the quizzes. We will have...
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1/11/19 – Junior High Literature

6th Grade – They have began their unit on how ordinary people use courage in their lives. We just finished up reading the story of H.A. and Margret Rey escaping from Nazi occupied Paris to American in order to create Curious George. The next two weeks, we will read other nonfiction stories of people who...
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Junior High Literature

6th Grade – We’ll be finishing up our study of ancient cultures by reading both fiction and nonfiction. We are working on finding a central/main idea and supporting it with details. 7th Grade – We just finished The Giver. We will be reading the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol next. We will be focusing on the lessons...
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Junior High Literature

  6th Grade: 6th Grade is finishing up their unit on Egypt. They will be working on the Inca and other world civilizations until the Christmas Break. They will use both fiction and nonfiction texts to work on theme, purpose, inferences, and other elements of story telling. 7th Grade: 7th Grade will continue reading and...
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