Queen of Hearts Raffle

How does it work? It is a split ticket raffle with the pot being split between the winner and our school. Every Monday, we will pull out of a drum one raffle ticket on which a player has written a number corresponding to the game board. We then reveal the card corresponding to the number. If it’s the queen of hearts, you win!

How do you get into the action? Drawings are every Monday at Kenny’s Irish Pub just down the road from us on 55th Street in Countryside. Tickets can be purchased at any time during Kenny’s regular business hours. The last ticket will be sold at 6:45 p.m. on Mondays. You need not be present to win but it sure is a lot of fun to be there. If there is no winner on Monday, the pot rolls over to the following week but new tickets must be purchased. 

The Jackpot Is Growing!