1/8 Newsletter

Welcome to February in 6th Grade!

Catholic Schools Week was a blast in room 118. The students had a great time dancing throughout the day on Monday, having a rock paper scissors tournament on Tuesday (Congratulations to our winner, Cecilia!), and participating in many other fun activities. We expressed our appreciation for each other throughout the week through our words and acts of kindness.

Last week in Math, the students took their fractions and decimals unit test. This week, we’ll jump into our rates, ratios, and percentages unit.

The students did a phenomenal job presenting their Consumer Fair projects!
In Literature, we prepared for our i-Ready mid-year diagnostic testing by brushing up on skills such as citing text evidence, summarizing, and developing critical thinking questions.
We will continue our novel study of The Egypt Game, and the students will create mysteries of their own. Inferencing, summarizing, and citing text evidence continue to be themes as we work through the text.

In Social Studies, the students completed a research project on an African American hero of their choosing.
This week, we will continue our unit on Ancient Mesopotamia.

In Religion, we concluded our chapter on Ordinary Time, which also concluded the unit! The students’ unit test will take place next week.

As always, thank you for all of your support from home.
Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Allison Russell