F.Y.I. (Four Your Information) Newsletter 12/17-1/7

December has flown by! We have been hard at work and I am sure that the students are ready for the nice break ahead! 

Here is a quick look at what is in store for 4th grade in the upcoming weeks. 

Monday, December 20th

  • FUN! Christmas Dress Down Day 
      • Come in Christmas colors or your most festive sweater/ shirt! 
  • Math Study Sessions as always these study sessions are optional 
  • 7:15 am in Room 115
  • 3:00-3:45 pm in Room 114 & 115

Tuesday, December 21st

  • Math Study Sessions as always these study sessions are optional 
  • 7:15 am Room in 115
  • Mass of the Holy Spirit 8:00 am
      • Students should be dropped off at their regular drop off points and head into the classroom. School doors will open at 7:45 am to allow students time to put away their belongings and head to the church as a class. Please do not drop students off at the church. Staff will escort students who are late from the school to the church.
  • Ch. 3 Math Test 
  • House Celebration @ 2pm
    • Students are encouraged to dress down in their House Colors 

Wednesday,  December 22nd

  • Christmas Dress UP 
      • Look your best as we celebrate Christmas/ Winter Break. 
  • 9:30 am All School Mass 
  • 1 pm Dismissal- NO AFTERCARE 
  • Winter break begins 

Wednesday, January 5th 

  • School Resumes-Happy New Year! Welcome Back 😀 

Math: We will be finishing up our Go Math Chapter on Tuesday, December, 21st. We have study sessions on Monday (am and pm) and Tuesday (am only). When we return to school from break we will review multiplication and then dive into division (dividing by 1 digit).  We will be learning how to estimate and interpret the remainder. 

Reading: We are still utilizing the story The Longest Night to work on our comprehension skills as well as analyzing characters, describing events, and making inferences. 

Spelling/Grammar/Writing: Due to the short weeks we will not be having a spelling list/ test. WE will continue to work on identifying and correcting fragments and run-ons in our writing. Coming back from break we will work on our New Year: One Word project. Words are very powerful! They can either bring you down or motivate you to keep going. (Think about fans who chant to encourage their team to win!) Sometimes all it takes is ONE WORD to push you to become the best version of yourself. Students will find their one word to help motivate them to end the school year strong!

Science: This week, the students began to practice using the design process by creating a catapult using popsicle sticks and rubber bands. In the coming weeks, they will complete this project before starting unit 3: Plants and Animals.

Social Studies: We have wrapped up our Southeast with a student created quiz game. Moving forward we will be learning about the Midwest. During the Midwest unit, students will be researching Illinois and begin writing postcards to the other 49 schools across the US. We have received postcards from New York, New Jersey, and Colorado as part of our postcard exchange across the 50 states! We will begin researching our lovely state and writing to the other 49 schools when we return from break. If parents would like to donate Forever stamps or  to purchase stamps that would be greatly appreciated. We hope to send out our post cards by the end of January.

Religion: Upon returning to school we will take a moment to discuss the Christmas season and the liturgical year. After which we will launch into the next chapter of the We Believe series. This chapter discusses how God calls us to be close to him by giving us the gift of conscience. We will talk about how to form our conscience and examine it. 


Have a WONDERFUL Christmas and a restful winter break.

Please be sure to revisit the dress code for 3-8th. As a reminder, please be sure to send your child dressed for the weather. We will be having outdoor recess as long as the weather permits. 

***4th grade is running low on paper towels and disinfectant wipes if you would like to help us replenish, we greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you so much for your constant support and cooperation!

P.S For a house point have your child tell us the code word: Santa

Mrs. Lupe Varchetta and Mrs. Allison Wrodarczyk (Russell)