Fantastic First Grade

Wow what an amazing week in first grade! We continued reading an informational text titled, Time to Sleep. We focused on how an informational text is structured and practiced creating and answering our own questions. Students got to be engineers and design or redesign a plan to create a launcher. We continued to work on addition strategies such as counting on, doubles, doubles plus one and doubles minus one! We know that these are challenging and will continue to work on them. We have also been hard at work working on parts of speech, our vowel sounds /a/and our spelling list was the Days of the Week!

Looking ahead to next week we will be learning…


This week’s spelling words follow the <ff>


We will continue using the informational text, Time for Sleep and What Do You Do With A Tail Like This? We use these two texts to look at text features, ask and answer questions, distinguish information from pictures, as well as describe connections.


This week we will use continue working on identifying parts of speech. Students will be learning about adjectives.


Students will continue looking at informational pieces and use our reading texts to write an informational piece.


We will be using ten frames to help solve addition sentences, how to make 10 and to add from 10. We will begin adding three numbers together and creating addition sentences for word problems. We will continue to build on the strategies doubles and doubles + 1 or -1.

Science: We will be finishing Unit 2 and will take the test on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday will be review days and students will bring home a review packet and a study guide. We will then move on to Social Studies.

Social Studies: We will be looking at our community and how we fit into our community.

This week we ended Unit 1 and will begin talking about Jesus, and understanding why Jesus died for us. We will discuss how Jesus brought us new life.

Important Reminders: 

-Scholastic Book Orders are due Room 107’s book orders are due on the 25!

– 8th Grade is having a fundraiser at Kenny’s this weekend. Please help support our 8th graders and St. Cletus!

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!