Week #1, First Grade Newsletter: Welcome to First Grade!

Hi Parents! 

Welcome to our First Grade Newsletter! Please join us here each Friday to learn about what is happening in the coolest grade to be in, First Grade! 

This week was a remarkably busy one for the students. They began this week and last week working on our class routines, procedures, and rules. We also reviewed the school and lunchroom rules as well as discussed how to behave during mass and school emergencies. On Thursday, we held our 1st all-school fire drill of the school year. Our first graders rocked it out! They were orderly, walked quickly, quietly, and impressed our principal with how well they listened. We were enormously proud of them!  

In our classes, we started digging into our curriculum.  We practiced the letter “Aa” and words that begin with A.  We also took our first Spelling Test on <sh> words and a few sight words. Both classes did an excellent job on this first tests! 

For Religion, we are just beginning the book and learning how to read the bible and all about our life with Jesus. We also talked about how to prayer as an individual and as a family to God.  

In Math, we are starting our math class with “Simple Solutions” and the kids love it! It is a fantastic way to begin our class. Then, we work with the “Go Math” curriculum and learning addition and how to write and solve simple addition word problems.  

In Writing, we are learning about letter formations, line placement, and the correct size of the letters. They also were about to use the Smart Boards to complete an interactive lesson and practiced tracing/writing the letters of the alphabet. 

Phonics is moving along quite well. We started with sounds of “S, T, and B.” We also do our oral work with compound words as well as identifying beginning and ending sounds in words. 

In Reading, we read the book “Stellaluna” and learned about story elements and characters.   

In Social Studies, we started talking about rules in our homes and schools as well as laws in our communities. The Resource Teacher, Mrs. Weber, visited our class and read a book called, “What If Everyone Did That” by Ellen Javernick. It discusses the importance of following the rules and laws in our world. The students even created their own “What If Everyone…” Rule and draw a picture to show the positive or negative effects of it. For example, some students wrote, “What if everyone shared their Christmas presents…” or “What if everyone threw trash on the ground or in the ocean…” 

In Science, we learned about measurement, and took some time to measure the bookcases in our room using rules and our shoes! They also learned about the five senses, identified the body parts used for

them, and discussed how they help us learn about the world around them. It was a fun week in science! 

We started our full schedule of Specials this week. The students enjoyed getting to know our new teachers. Both classes received great reports from their teachers. It is fun to leave the classroom and see different rooms and different teachers. 

We, as the First Grade Team, also gave the students plenty of opportunities to play together during recess. We will continue this practice throughout the year. 

We hope that you will join us each Friday to learn about how well our first graders are growing, learning, and developing into the bright, young global citizens of tomorrow. Thank you, parents, for your continued support throughout this school year.  

Remember: If you have any questions or need to contact your child’s teacher, we are both extremely actively on Class Dojo. If you have not downloaded and accepted our invitations to the website, please do so as soon as possible. We will be posting and messaging daily about our first graders! 

Have a blessed weekend and see you next week, 

Mrs. Jinifir Fermando-Nwoye (Room 109) 

Mrs. Cynthia Kasnicka (Room 110) 

Mrs. Jinifir Fermando-Nwoye’s Classroom (Room 109) 
Mrs. Cynthia Kasnicka’s Classroom (Room 110)