Week #3: Happy Birthday, Mother Mary!

To the Parents of Rooms 109 & 110: 

We are at the end of week 3 in Grade 1.  This week was busy, with the children working on the letters “B” & “C” more. Today, we took our third Spelling Test. While some of our first graders prepared for their test by taking another Spelling Bee in class, other students played memory games, created pictures with hidden words, and unscrambled dictation sentences. Our hope is that by providing the students with a multitude of opportunities to help them remember our spelling words. Our main words followed the “th” pattern, and we are working hard to remember them. We also completed our first set of tic-tac-toe activities to work on at home with their families. These activities make learning Spelling more interesting and fun for the students and hopefully their families as well! 

In Reading, we are still working on “Stellaluna” and “Frog and Toad.” We are learning about relationships between the characters and identifying more details in the stories. We have been able to show off our artwork with these stories as well. It was so much fun for them to draw and color pictures of their favorite scenes and events of both stories. 

Our Phonics books also tied into our reading program. We are doing oral phonemic awareness lessons daily, and then they completed a written work. The written lesson helps us to reinforce the letters and sounds that we have been learning. 

In Math, we are still working on creating addition sentences and solving word problems. We have been using our interlocking cubes to help us figure out the word answers. They also draw models of how to “add to.” 

In Science, we are working on the Five Senses and did an experiment with celery. We used our Five Senses to help us see, hear, taste, smell, and touch the celery.  We also used our powers of observation to learn more about this healthy vegetable. 

In Religion class, we learned that Mother Mary’s birthday was on September 8th. On Wednesday, Fr. Elmer and our principal, Mr. Porod, visited the classroom and told us about this important birthday celebration. Fr. Elmer praised our first graders for being so well-mannered during mass. Then, he offered the students a kind blessing and prayed for them to prosper in first grade this year. We also enjoyed our All-School Mass on Tuesday. The students were developing a better understanding about the parts of the Mass. They enjoyed Fr. Elmer’s sermon about making better decisions and the importance of praying to God for guidance this school year.  In our book, we are still talking about God’s creation, and observing all the is ours to enjoy. We started yoga this Tuesday and seemed to really enjoy it.  We learned how stretching is good for our health as well as helping to improve 0ur focus and concentration in school. 

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy this cooler weather and we’ll see you all next Tuesday! 

Mrs. Jinifir Fermando (Room 109)  

Mrs. Cindy Kasnicka (Room 110) 


Mrs. Jinifir Fermando’s Class Photos (Room 109)

Mrs. Cindy Kasnicka’s Photos (Room 110)