Week of April 19th-23rd

Hello First Grade Families!

We had a very exciting a busy Auction week! We loved seeing those bids raise and watching Miss Payne ‘lose’ some items. We are excited for the actual Auction to see who finally wins each item.

We continued reading Arbor Day Square and made connections between the past and now. We celebrated Earth Day on Thursday with a flip book and a writing activity to show how we will take care of the earth. We discussed how God loves us and we shared ways we can show God we love him. Ask your first grader how they show God’s love.  We continue to impress Miss Payne with our graphing knowledge.

We are really working on staying safe and following our classroom rules. We want to continue to be in school and know how important it is to be safe. We talked about being safe at recess and while being in class with others.

Up Next…

In spelling we will be focusing on the <al> pattern.

We will finish our reading of Arbor Day Square. We will complete our narratives on our family traditions.  After we will begin one of our last stories, Family Tree.

In Math we will be complete Chapter 10.We will show our knowledge on graphs and begin to prepare for our Test.

In Science we will continue our discussion of Rocks and Soil. We will continue to look at the properties and what makes each natural resource important to us.

In Religion we will be reading from our children’s Bible. This is such a fun week as we explore different stories and find a greater connection to each. We will watch Mass as a whole class on Thursday.

*We are always in need of baby wipes and disinfecting wipes. We use about 200 disinfecting wipes and 125 baby wipes a week!*

Please continue to let me know if you have any questions/comments.

Thank you!

Miss Katlyn Payne