Week of December 7th – 11th

Hello First Grade Families!

We had an amazing week! It seemed to fly by since we were so busy. We introduced a new story, Going to School, where we learned about different countries and how their children go to school. This will flow right into our Christmas Around the World we will begin next week.

I am so proud of the students hard work and dedication to iReady. They try their best for the whole time allowed and celebrate when we all make our goal. They are each learning at their own level and this is allowing for greater learning to occur throughout each subject area.

We are really working on staying safe and following our classroom rules. We want to continue to be in school and know how important it is to be safe. We talked about being safe at recess and while being in class with others.

Up Next…

In spelling we will be focusing on the <u_e> pattern.

We will be ‘traveling’ to 5 different countries to learn about their Christmas traditions. Students will read about each country, answer comprehension questions and do a craft to celebrate their holiday! This is so much fun and we are excited to learn!

We will complete Chapter 5 which helped us strengthen our related facts (fact families) skills! We will show all of our knowledge with our Chapter 5 assessment before we leave for break.

Science is all about animals! Our favorite part of Unit 3 is learning about animals and how to group them. We look at how animals are the same and how they are different. We are looking to classify them into mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects. We will look to see what group needs to survive.

In Religion we will be continuing our conversations of Advent and focusing on LOVE. We will begin to talk about Christmas and how this is so special for us in the Church. We will watch our weekly mass and focus on praying and following along.

THURSDAY DECEMBER 17TH is POLAR EXPRESS DAY!! We are so excited to read the story, watch the movie and compare them. We will even get a little treat to help get us in the Christmas Spirit!

*We are always in need of baby wipes and disinfecting wipes. We use about 200 disinfecting wipes and 125 baby wipes a week!*

We started our discussion about our 8 days of eLearning after Christmas Break. This is to help transition students and for them to fully understand the expectations they will have. This is a tough and scary time for them since last time this happened we did not return to school. Please let me know if your student needs any additional support. I want to make this as simple as possible for everyone!

Please continue to let me know if you have any questions/comments.

Thank you!

Miss Katlyn Payne