Week of February 11-15

First Grade had a loving week!  We celebrated Valentine’s Day and enjoyed our classroom activities! This week we continued to read Hunter’s Money Jar and discussing the theme of the story. We are finishing up our Narrative writing stories. We began chapter 8 in math and are learning more strategies to add two digit number!  We finished our chapter on ecosystems in science and how they are different.

Looking ahead to next week we will be learning…


This week spelling words follow the <ow> spelling pattern.


This week we finish reading Hunter’s Money Jar. We will compare both stories, The Winners’ Choice and Hunter’s Money Jar. We will be practicing the long <i> vowel sound in cvc words.


We will focus on writing complete sentences with nouns, adjectives, verbs and prepositions.


In writing we will publish writing our Narrative assignment. Students will complete the steps of  the writing process throughout the next few weeks.


We will continue Chapter 8 which focuses on adding and subtracting two digit numbers.


We will introducing rocks and soil and discussing their properties as well as categorizing them.


This week we will be focusing on the Last Supper. We will imagine Jesus’ followers and how they felt during that time.

Important Reminders: 

  • 2/19 Ms. Gonzalez and Miss Payne’s Scholastic Orders Due!
  • 2/19 8:00 AM Mass
  • 2/19 Cardinal College
  • 2/20 Hot Lunch- Chicken Tenders and Apples
  • 2/21 Wizard of Oz Themed Dress Down Day

Thank you and have a wonderful long weekend!

Ms. Gonzalez and Miss Payne