Week of January 22-25

First Grade had a great short week!  This week we began reading The Winners’ Choice and we discussed the sequencing of the story. We wrote How To reports and they will be displayed at Open House. We finished chapter 6 in math and the students are very proud of their hard work! We are ready for Open House and are looking forward to seeing so many of you on Sunday. We have our RED and WHITE Game Day on Friday! 8:30-9:00 is First Grades time!! Come out and watch them play!

Looking ahead to next week we will be learning…


This week spelling words follow the <ea> spelling pattern.


This week we will continue reading The Winners’ Choice and using the illustrations to gather details. We will work on the <a> vowel sound in both short and long sounds.


We will  learn about prepositions and identify the parts of speech in sentences.


In writing we will begin writing our next Narrative assignment. Students will choose a moment in their life and write about who was there, what they did, and how the event made them feel.


We will begin Chapter 7; which works with greater than, less than, and equal to. Students are excited because they know how to compare numbers and are excited to further their learning.


We will be comparing and contrasting plants and animals.

This week we will be reminded that Jesus is the Light of our World.

Important Reminders: 

  • 1/28 Pajama Dress Down Day and Hot Lunch; Cheeseburger or Hamburger
  • 1/28 Queen of Hearts at Kenny’s
  • 1/29 Flannel or Stripes Dress Down Day
  • 1/30 All School Mass 10:30
  • 1/30 Hot Lunch Caesar Salad with Chicken; Teacher Appreciation Lunch
  • 1/31 Any Way Dress Down Day; No Homework Day!
  • 2/1 RED and WHITE Game Day! 8:30-9:00 is First Grades time!!

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm!

Ms. Gonzalez and Miss Payne