Week of January 25th-29th

Hello First Grade Families!

We had a very productive week even with oru Snow Day! Tuesday went incredibly well and I hope everyone enjoyed their day. We jumped right back into our routine and completed our Math iReady Diagnostic and we celebrated our 100th Day of School!

I am so proud of the students hard work and dedication to iReady. They try their best for the whole time allowed and celebrate when we all make our goal. They are each learning at their own level and this is allowing for greater learning to occur throughout each subject area. They grew SO MUCH since the beginning of the school year! Way to go!!

We are really working on staying safe and following our classroom rules. We want to continue to be in school and know how important it is to be safe. We talked about being safe at recess and while being in class with others.

As we look forward to Catholic Schools Week please be on the lookout for our Homework Page. There will be a lot of information going home to make this week extra special!

Up Next…

In spelling we will be focusing on the <igh> pattern.

Coming up in Reading we will continue reading Hunter’s Money Jar. We are discussing the events and recounting them in order. We will begin writing our next narrative where we will focus on the story elements and details.

In Math we will be beginning Chapter 7 which allows us to compare numbers. We will identify greater than, less than or equal to numbers and be able to explain why.

Social Studies we will be discussing jobs and what it means to work. We will talk about needs and wants and how those can look different for everyone.

In Religion we will be discussing how Jesus is our light. We will be sharing our light with others this Catholic Schools Week. How do you share your light? Ask your first grader and they can share their way.

*We are always in need of baby wipes and disinfecting wipes. We use about 200 disinfecting wipes and 125 baby wipes a week!*

Please continue to let me know if you have any questions/comments.

Thank you!

Miss Katlyn Payne