Week of May 3rd- May 7th

Hello First Grade Families!

What a busy week! We really focused and completed Chapter 10 in Math and Unit 6 in Science! We were so excited to go out for our EXTRA Recess on Wednesday! Thank you for helping get Miss Payne off the island. As we come to the last few weeks of the year we are working on being almost second graders and following both first and second grade expectations.

We have been extremely busy working on our Mother’s Day presents. Moms, thank you! Thank you for all you do for your children, this class and this school. We appreciate you more than any of you will truly ever know. We hope you enjoy your gift and realize how much we care!

We are really working on staying safe and following our classroom rules. We want to continue to be in school and know how important it is to be safe. We talked about being safe at recess and while being in class with others.

Up Next…

In spelling we will be focusing on the <er> pattern.

We will begin our LAST story! Can we believe it? We will be reading The Life Cycle of an Apple Tree. We will look at the process a seed takes to become a full tree. We will be doing a lot of How To writing to show the steps in how to create items.

In Math we will continue Chapter 11. Remember we began Chapter 11 on Thursday. We are working with 3Dimensional Shapes! There are so many fun activities with shapes and we are very excited!

In SOCIAL STUDIES we will be talking about our basic needs as humans. We will look at how we celebrate certain holidays and why they are important.

In Religion we will be going back into our We Believe book and talking about Mary. May is dedicated to Mary and we will be learning more about her this week. We will watch Mass as a whole class on Thursday.

*We are always in need of baby wipes and disinfecting wipes. We use about 200 disinfecting wipes and 125 baby wipes a week!*

Please continue to let me know if you have any questions/comments.

Thank you!

Miss Katlyn Payne