Week of September 2-6

We had a short, yet jammed pack week in first grade! We introduced our first spelling list and started our first story, Time to Sleep.

Our spelling list will follow the <ch> pattern this coming week.

In Language Arts we read our first story, Time to Sleep, and were introduced to informational texts. We read and discussed how animals sleep and compared to us as humans sleep. We will continue reading Time to Sleep and begin working on our own informational texts.

In Math we continued to learn addition strategies and had practice each of them. We used manipulatives and pictures to help us add. We will continue learning addition strategies and prepare for our first unit test.

In Social Studies we discussed rules and how they are important. We shared rules that we have at home and at school, as well as rules for the outside world. We shared who helps us keep those rules which ultimately keeps us safe. We read and learned about Ruby Bridges Hall and how she showed courage when she was in first grade.

In Religion we learned about the Blessed Trinity being God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We practiced the sign of the cross and discussed what it means when we make that sign during prayer.

Important Dates:

Monday September 9th- No School

Wednesday September 11th- All School Mass 9:30

Wednesday September 11th- Hot Lunch Noodles and Company

Thursday September 12th- 5:00 New Family Pizza Night

Friday September 13th- Hot Lunch Meatheads


Have an amazing Fall Fest Weekend!

Miss Payne and Ms. Dalton