Week of September 21-25

Hello First Grade Families!

We had a busy week in first grade! We completed our story, Time for Sleep, and took a quick assessment check to show our understanding. We used our ipads to work in iReady where student are provided lessons for their own level of learning. We had a short week, yet filled with new information and new chapters in our subjects.

This upcoming week will be very busy for us. We will have a <qu> Spelling Test on Friday.

In Reading/Writing we will begin reading Stellaluna. We will be focusing our attention on bats. Students will complete their writing of informational text on an animal of the students choice.

We will be continuing Chapter 2 in Math. We will focus on subtraction and how pictures can show us our equations.

In Social Studies we will be continuing our learning of our communities. We will be focusing on our families customs and traditions. We will be learning our cardinal directions and practice using maps.

In Religion we will watch a weekly mass, as well as looking at the Liturgical Year. We will focus on the different parts of the year and how the church changes throughout each part.

Look for an email next week of a questionnaire that will be used for any remote learning that may take place at some point this school year.

Please continue to let me know if you have any questions/comments.

Thank you!

Miss Katlyn Payne