Week of September 9-13

We had another short, yet jammed pack week in first grade! We had our second spelling test and are really getting into our routines!

Our spelling list will follow the <th> pattern this coming week.

In Language Arts we read our the story, Time to Sleep, and discussed the elements of an informational text. We will begin our next story in this unit, What Do You Do With A Tail Like This?, which gives us more information on animals and how they use their body parts. Students will begin to explore writing their own informational texts.

In Math we finished our unit on addition concepts. We will review on Monday all the strategies we learned to add. On Tuesday we will take our first Chapter 1 Test. We will then move into Chapter 2 Subtraction Concepts.

In Social Studies we discussed how the idea of school has changed over time. We were shown images of what schools used to look like and how they used to be. All students seem to be amazed at the idea of a one room schoolhouse and what little they had.

In Religion we learned about the Holy Family and how they obeyed God. We learned that the Holy Family is made up of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. We learned where Jesus was born and where he grew up.

Important Dates:

Monday September 16- 8:00 AM Mass

Monday September 16- Hot Lunch Pisa Pizza

Wednesday September 18- Hot Lunch P.F. Changs

Friday September 20- Hot Lunch Boston Market


Have an amazing weekend!

Miss Payne and Ms. Dalton