Week of 10-15-18

This week in Math, we worked with subtraction and addition problems under 20. We used bar models, number lines, and the “making a ten” strategy to help us find sums and differences. Next week, we will finish Chapter 3.

In Religion, we discussed the Ten Commandments, free will, mortal and venial sins, and God’s mercy. We also began a Ten Commandments booklet, where students are illustrating pictures to show examples of how to follow each commandment. A First Reconciliation booklet and a copy of the Ten Commandments came home on Tuesday. Please complete a few pages in the booklet each week, and help your child memorize the Ten Commandments to prepare for their test during the week of November 12th.

In Shurley English, we took our test on Chapter 3. In this chapter, students learned about adverbs, adjectives, and article adjectives. We began Chapter 4 towards the end of this week; in this chapter students will be learning about declarative sentences and complete subject/predicate. In Phonics, we worked on long vowel words. Students identified spelling patterns and vowel combinations that make long vowel sounds. In Spelling, our focus was soft g words.

In Writing, students learned about opinion writing. They responded to the question: “What should Miss Paluch/Mrs. McCartney be for Halloween?” We brainstormed ideas, modeled how to write an opinion piece, and students wrote a rough draft of their own version. Next week, we will publish and decorate a picture to go with the writing; be sure to come check them out in the hallway! So far, students have learned all three types of writing: informative, narrative, and opinion. We will continue writing throughout the year to review and strengthen our witting abilities.

In Social Studies, we finished Unit 1 and took our test. Students showed how much they knew about communities, laws, voting, and history. They did a wonderful job! Next week, we will return to Science; Unit 3 in Science is all about animals.

We also visited the elderly on Friday as part of our ongoing service project. Students read a book to the elderly and we played Halloween bingo with the residents. It was awesome! Be sure to check ClassDojo for photos.

This week’s newsletter secret is: animals.

Important Reminders:

  • We have 8:00 a.m. “E” Day Mass on Monday, October 22nd.
  • Check the school calendar on the “Parents” page of the school website for information on Red Ribbon week, which is next week. There are several dress down days.
  • Please volunteer for recess/lunch duty, click here.
  • If you would like to order hot lunch, click here.