Week of 3-4-19

This week in Math, we solved addition and subtraction word problems involving lengths, measured the lengths of objects in inches and feet, and estimated the length of objects in feet. Next week, we will discuss how to decide on the best tool to measure an object, and we will create line plots to display measurement data. We will be taking our Chapter 8 Test next week.

In Religion, we discussed Lent and Ash Wednesday. Students learned about the color of Lent, how many days it is, and how the symbol of the cross reminds us of how Jesus died for us.

In Science, we started the next unit; so far, students have learned about fast and slow changes to the Earth’s surface, natural resources, and plant and animal products. Next week, we will wrap up this short unit, review concepts learned, and take our test.

In Shurley English, we continued working with subject pronouns and subject-verb agreement rules. We have also been classifying sentences and identifying parts of speech for a given word in a sentence. In Phonics, students were assessed on their ability to form contractions and add endings to words. Next week, we will begin vowel pairs, vowel digraphs, and diphthongs.

In Handwriting, we have learned almost all of the lowercase, cursive letters! Next week, we will begin capital letters. In Writing, Room 109 focused on opinion and persuasive writing, while Room 110 focused on opinion and letter writing.

This week’s newsletter secret is: Lent.

Important Reminders:

  • There is no school on Friday, March 8th.
  • We will have 8:00 a.m. “E” Day Mass on Monday, March 11th.
  • Tuesday, March 12th is a $1 Jersey Dress Down Day.
  • Friday, March 15th is a free Auction T-Shirt Dress Down Day. You must wear the 2019 Auction t-shirt in order to dress down.
  • Field trip forms for the Museum of Science and Industry are due by March 19th!
  • Lunch is in the classrooms from March 11th through the 19th! This is a great opportunity for you to come in; you only have to watch one class! We would GREATLY appreciate your time, click here to sign up.
  • The Spring Play is coming up! If you would like to purchase Spring Play tickets, click here.
  • Our next visit is to Oak Trace is on Friday, March 15th in the morning.
  • Speech and Language Screenings will be held on March 20th. “TherapyWorks” will be at the school campus on Wednesday, March 20th, available to screen students for speech and language fluency.  Parents interested in having their child(ren) screened should read and complete this Permission Form.
  • Summer Solutions is on sale! I highly recommend you purchase both Math and English books for your child. They are only $15.99 (with free shipping). I have seen students retain information throughout the summer by completing just one page a day at home. Our school code for online ordering is: H60525CLE. Visit to order.
  • If you would like to order hot lunchclick here.

Have a great weekend!