Class News from Room 111

Class News from Room 111

Religion:  We will attend Mass virtually on Tuesday.   This week we will begin a chapter about Pentecost and the ways that the Apostles were changed when the Holy Spirit visited them.  Please remember to upload your child reciting the October Prayer on FLIPGRID by Friday, October 23rd.  The link to FLIPGRID  is now available on our GOOGLE CLASSROOM STREAM link.

Reading:  The class has been reading a folktale called “Thunder Cakes”.  As we have been reading the story, the students have used a close reading strategy to ask and answer questions taken directly from the story.  This week we will revisit all of our stories to compare and contrast them.  In addition the class will define terms and answer questions from “Thunder Cakes” to enhance their comprehension of the story.   

Spelling:  The spelling words this week will contain the long e vowel sound.  The students will see that the sound of long e can be made when the first e is sitting next to either another e or an a.  Our spelling tests will be on Friday this week.  The students will have spelling homework on Tuesday and Thursday as usual.  PLEASE encourage your child to follow all directions and use their BEST and NEASTEST handwriting as they complete these assignments.

Phonics:  The class will be working will initial blends that contain l and s.  We will also review when Y is a vowel or a consonant in words.  The class will be working on the next four lessons in Simple Solutions as we review concepts for our weekly Friday grammar quiz.  These lessons are sent home everyday.  Please take time with your child to review their work to help prepare them for the quiz.   

Math: We have been working on using graphs to solve problems and interpret data during the last two weeks.  This week we will learn to read and use a line plot graph.  Along with that the students will work with additional graphs and data information to enhance their interpretation skills.  Lessons 33 – 36 in Math Simple Solutions have been assigned for the week.  The students will take the 9th Simple Solution Quiz on Friday.  Math Chapter 2 test will be Tuesday, October 27th.

Social Studies:  We have been reading about communities in our Social Studies class.  So far we have read about El Paso, Astoria, Wilmington, and Denver.  This week we will leave the United States and learn about Timbuktu, Mali and Africa. As we read about these communities we have learned the meaning of these terms:  location, geography, culture,  and community.  Look for a study guide to come home this week to help the students study for their first Social Studies test.  Social Studies Chapter 1 test will be Monday October 26th.  

Writing:  We will be writing stories about a Halloween adventure our Witch Wilma goes on.  We will also be creating special decorations for our RED RIBBON door.  We will be celebrating RED RIBBON WEEK beginning Monday October 26th.  Please look at the school calendar for specific details for daily activities.


Things TRemember 

Monday, October 19th:  Spanish and Gym ~ Wear Gym uniform  

Tuesday, October 20th:  Art ~ Wear Regular School Uniform including dress shoes and socks.

Wednesday, October 21st:  Gym ~ Wear Gym Uniform

Thursday, October 22nd:  Spanish ~ Wear Regular School Uniform ~ including dress shoes and socks.

Friday, October 23rd:  TLC  ~ Wear Regular School Uniform ~ including dress shoes and socks.  Bring a working flashlight and headphones to school.

Saturday and Sunday, October 24th & 25th:  Work on iReady in both READING and MATH for 45 minutes or more if there is time.  Attend Mass virtually or in person.


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