News From Room 111

News from Room 111 for the 21st Week of School

We welcomed our student teacher Miss Gloria Delgado on Tuesday, January 19th.  The students have really enjoyed getting to know her during these past two weeks.  Miss Delgado will slowly take over teaching the students starting with Math this week.      

Auction Item Help:  On Tuesday at the end of our snow day remote learning session, I asked the kids to make a snow angel and then have their parents to take a picture of them inside their angel.  When this was done I then asked the students to ask their parents to send the picture to me at  If you have not done this PLEASE take some time to do it now.  I would appreciate it if you could get the pictures to me by Friday, February 5th.  My thanks to those who have already sent their pictures.  

Catholic School’s Week begins this Sunday, January 31st and continues through Friday, February 5th.  The schedule for the week is as follows:

Sunday, January 31st:  Virtual Mass at 10:30.

Monday:  Wear a favorite college T – shirt / Sweatshirt with uniform bottoms.  Remember that we do have GYM on Monday.

Tuesday:  We will be CELEBRATING the students and honoring them with full FREE dress down day.  The students will be receiving a HOT DOG lunch from the FSA and will not have ANY home work.  We will also be playing ROCK PAPER SCISSORS in our COHORT to see who comes out on top.  So get practicing!!!  

Wednesday:  Wear patriot colors and honor our ESSENTIAL Workers.

Thursday:  Regular Dress Uniforms should be worn

Friday:  Spirit Wear Day 

Religion:  This week we will learn about the Marks of the Church:  The first Mark if the Church is ONE ~ United in Baptism.  The second Mark of the Church is HOLY ~ God is good and Holy.  The third Mark is CATHOLIC ~ Universal.  The fourth Mark is APOSTOLIC ~ from the word apostle who were the first leaders of the Church.  We will also view the Ash Wednesday Mass in preparation for the Lenten Season.

Reading:  The story that we have been reading is “The Year of Miss Agnes.”  As we are reading the story the students are learning about life in a remote part of the world through the eyes of a girl about their age.  The students are also using the CLOSE READING strategy to answer questions taken right from the chapters we are reading.  

Phonics: We have spent the beginning of the year learning about vowel pairs, digraphs and diphthongs.  Vowel pairs happen when two vowels come together to one long vowel sound (Ex:  ue, oa, ee, ie, oe, ea, ai, ay).  Vowel Digraphs are two letters together stand for one vowel sound (Ex:  aw, au, ei, oo, ea).  Diphthongs consists of two letters blended together to make one vowel sound (Ex:  oy = oi, ow = ou, and ew)   We will be finishing work in Unit 5 and taking the test on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  The students will also be reviewing skills in Grammar Simple Solutions as they work on lesson 81 to 84 as their morning work activities and then take a quiz on Friday, February 5th.  The students will take Grammar Simple Solutions Quiz 21 on Friday the 5th.

Spelling:  The words this week contain the R – Controlled Vowel sound of /or/ as in the words wore, order, and report.  The students will have Spelling homework on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Please encourage your child to TAKE their time with their handwriting when completing the work.  We will take our spelling test and quiz on Friday as usual.  Our Spelling tests (List and Standardized) for Unit 20 will be this Friday the 5th of February. 

Math:  This week the students will begin Chapter 6 a unit about division.  They will learn to use these vocabulary terms:  DIVIDE, DIVIDEND, DIVISOR, QUOTIENT, INVERSE OPERATIONS AND RELATED FACTS.    Students will take their Math Simple Solution Quiz on Friday, February 5th.

Social Studies:  Our class has been spending time learning about the words immigrant, the Great Migration Ethnic Groups and many other terms that are used to describe people who left their country to come to America for an opportunity for a better way of life.  As we read about the people that immigrated to America, we met artists, writers, poets and Nobel Peace Prize winners who made great contributions to the history of our country.  The students will be working on completing a chapter review about this Unit and take a test on Thursday, February 4th.  The study guide will be on Google Classroom for the students to work on and study from in preparation for the test.  The students will be bringing their books home in the evenings to work on the study guide and reread the chapter.  Please be sure to have your child keep their books in their backpacks every evening.   

February Project:  Presidential Mobiles are due on February 12th.  If you and your child have NOT chosen a President to report on PLEASE choose one and add your name to the list of Presidents on GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  These mobiles will be presented on Friday, February 12th.  Please be sure that these projects are on time and that the paper work that was sent home with the directions is also filled out COMPLETELY.  These papers DO COUNT as part of the grade.  



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