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Things to Remember for the week

PRESIDENTIAL MOBILES are due Friday, February 12th.  Please remember that all the paper work that was sent along with the directions NEEDS to be turned in along with the actual mobiles.  If you need these papers again they are on the GOOGLE CLASSROOM~ STREAM page to help you out.  If your child’s mobile is completed, they are welcome to bring it in as early as Wednesday, February 10th.  

Monday, February 8th:  Wear your GYM uniform.

Wednesday, February 10th:  Presidential Mobiles can be brought in starting today.

Friday, February 12th:  Red Dress Down Day Presidential Mobiles are due.  We will be presenting them in person.  Remote learners will be presenting during our GOOGLE MEETING starting at 9:00.  Remember that all paper work is due today as well.

Monday, February 15th:  NO SCHOOL to honor President’s Day

Religion:  Students will be viewing the Sunday, February 7th Mass.  We have been learning about the Marks of the Church during our class discussions.  The students will be reviewing these Marks and completing the Disciples and Project pages to prepare for the Chapter 8 test that they will take on Thursday February 11th.

Reading:  We will continue reading and completing work that centers around “The Year of Miss Agnes.”

Spelling:  This week our words contain the R-Controlled view /ur/.  Students will take the weekly List and Standardized test on Friday February 12th.

Grammar:  Our new Unit in Phonics has us working with Prefixes, suffixes and base words.  The students will be creating a game board to review the concepts that they have worked with during the week.  Please take time to sit with them and play their game.  Students will take the weekly Grammar Simple Solutions Quiz on Friday, February 12th.

Math:  Students will be learning to use repeated subtraction, the number line and arrays to relate subtraction and division.  They will also use arrays to relate multiplication and division as inverse operations.  Finally the class will write multiplication and division and see that they can also write fact families as they did when working with Addition and subtraction. Students will take the Math Simple Solutions Quiz on Friday, February 12th.

Science:  This week the class will start a unit about the Life Cycle of Plants in our Science books.  The class will explore the life cycle of flowering plants, and learn how flowers help plants reproduce through pollination.  


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My name is Lisa Gearen. I started teaching at St. Cletus in 2003. I taught first grade for 14 years and now teach 3rd. I have a bachelors degree in Communication and a Masters in Elementary Education. I received both degrees from Concordia University. I also have an associates degree in Early Childhood Education as well as being a Certified Catechist.