Terrific Third Grade May 3rd, 2019

                                                                                                                                                    Religion: We will be discussing the difference between priests and deacons, and how our parish cares for others as we  conclude “The Parish is Our Home,” chapter 11 .  The May prayer was given to the children this past week. Since all of our students know the Hail Mary, which is the prayer that will be said daily on the PA, they will learn another beautiful prayer in honor of our Blessed Mother.  Students will be learning the Hail Holy Queen prayer….but only the first verse, not the entire prayer which is said when praying the rosary. The May prayer will be recited on  May 31st.

FMSC Service Field Trip:  We had a wonderful trip to Feed My Starving Children. Great pictures will be posted later: experiencing technical difficulties.

Reading: Everyone should have started reading a book for their May book report. This month students had a “free choice of genre.”   The book report will be due on May 23rd.

Students will participate in the final Aims Web reading test this week.

In our Ready Gen program we will be reading the last chapters of  Living in Extreme Places  focusing on photographs, illustrations, and details from the text that will  help the reader understand the author’s message. We will then compare it to our previous story, City Homes, and then begin the story  The Song of Sky and Sand.

Poetry: The May poems will be recited on Tuesday, May 28th. 

Spelling:  We are skipping the review unit and moving on to unit 31 which focuses on the inflectional endings: -s, -es. The list words to study are:  flags, inches, dresses, pies, bushes, classes, apples, colors, drums, branches, things, buses, benches, tracks, and brushes. Besides working with the plurals students will  be paying special attention to  word structure, categories,context clues,syllables, and proofreading. The Unit 31 test will be on Friday. 

Phonics:   Students will be working with the dictionary skills of alphabetizing and guide words. They will finish out the unit with a review of homographs. The final unit test will be the week of May 13-17th.

Grammar:  Quiz #26 will be on Friday.

Math:  Students have been comparing fractions with like numerators or like denominators.  Now they will compare and sequence fractions  that will have different numerators and different denominators and model fractions.  The chapter 9 test will probably a week from Tuesday.  The entire Simple Solutions book has been  finished in 111 and one more lesson to do in 112.  A quiz will be on Friday. The last round of Aims web testing will be conducted during this week.

Science: Our chickens hatched!  We have many black,  several yellow,  and 1 brown chicken.  The children were amazed and excited to watch them hatch. It is interesting to see how they how they eat, drink, and “play.”  Students enjoyed holding the chickens. In the few days that we have had them they have grown so fast! Anticipate a chicken test on Thursday.  Great pictures will be posted later: experiencing technical difficulties.

Social Studies: We are going on to chapter 6. “Places Where Communities Start.” We will first be reading about Glenwood Springs, Colorado, a mountain community, and then finding places on a map using cardinal and intermediate directions.

  • Lunch/Recess Volunteers: 111 and 112 would love it if you could volunteer for recess & lunch supervision. Third grade has recess/lunch from 11:30 – 12:15.  Please  see the class page to sign up or click the link below:

Mon. A… Spanish & Gym                   112 Gym  & Library

Tues. B… 111  Gym & Science Lab     112  library & TLC    $1 Dress down for Misericordia

Wed. C…111 Art & Spanish               112 Spanish & Gym    Misericordia Assembly

Thurs.  D…111 Science Lab               112 Art & Spanish

Fri. E..  Music &  TLC                        112 Science Lab


Remember every Friday is Flash Light Friday.

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