Terrific Third Grade 2-8-2019

                         Students are showing off their wonderful cube book reports.


                                                                                                                                                                                                       Religion:  We will be going to the  9 am School Mass on Monday, February 11th.  The third graders will be hosting the  Wednesday, February 27th  School Mass so please check and see if your schedule permits you to come and pray with us. In class we will be reviewing how each of us is an important part of the Body of Christ, and the the Apostle’s Creed. The chapter 9 test will be on Wednesday, the 13th. The February prayer will be said on February 28th.

Phonics: Students  have practiced reading and using  words with vowel pairs (ee, ie, oe, ai, ay, ue, oa ea,)  digraphs ( oo, ei, ea, aw, au), and dipthongs (oy, oi, ou, ow, ew.) They also have realized the number of vowel sounds heard in a word  is the number of syllables in the word. After our review, students will have The Unit 5 test on Thursday, February 14th.

Spelling: The weekly spelling unit, # 22 again focuses on more “r controlled vowels”, this time ar, spelled, air, ear, are, ere, and eir.  The assessed words will be: pear, pair, hare,barefoot, fare, their, hair, bare, nowhere, there, software, wear, fair, where, and hardware.  Students will  sort words by letter patterns, find homophone pairs and use the correct homophone in sentences,  analyze the sound spellings,  categorize words,   understand the meanings of words through dictionary usage, and proofread a poem.  Students will take unit  22 spelling tests on Friday, February 15th.

Reading: We will be finishing with the  ReadyGen story, “The Athabaskans,”  and continue with supplementary comprehension Quizlets.  There will not be a February book report, but students can select a mystery book for the March book report  and start reading it. The Great America Reading Challenge is due by Friday, February 15th so students should be completing their forms and returning them to school with the 600 minutes recorded in order to receive a free pass to Great America.

Writing: Students will finish their informative/ explanatory writing about a famous person.

Poems: The February poems will be recited on February 22nd.

Grammar: This week students will practice various skills in Simple Solutions Grammar and enjoy some grammar games. There will  be a short 10 question Simple Solutions Quiz on Friday, February 15th. 

Math:   Students will review the division concepts and facts on Monday and have the Chapter 6 Test on Tuesday, February 12th. There will  be a Simple Solutions Quiz on Friday, February 15th.

Science: In science this week students will  learn about animal adaptations, such as  teeth, ears,  sounds, colors etc which help them survive.   Students will also participate in another fun STEAM activity. See photos below of this week’s STEAM.  Students needed to predict if Valentine candy hearts would float or sink in three different liquids  (water, soda, vinegar.)

Social Studies: For President’s Day, each student is researching  and assembling a mobile  about a president.  A detailed requirement sheet and fact  gathering worksheet were given to each student. This should be a fun leaning experience for your child.  We have some fun fact- filled reference books at school and will continue to provide some time to research at school, but the majority will be out of class work. A wonderful website for students is  Students look under biography and then US presidents. Scroll down to the individual presidents.  Lots of great information is provided and a short quiz too!  Completed Mobiles and the green note taking  worksheets will be due Tuesday, February 26th.

Valentine’s Day:  $1 Pink & Red dress down day to support Misericordia. Students can prepare a decorated Valentine box at home and bring it to school the week of Valentine’s Day. Room 111 has 19 students and 112 has 20 students. If Valentines are brought to school, a valentine for each child in the classroom is necessary. It is fine to just write the name of the student who is bringing the Valentine on the back of the card. Students will have a Valentine party on February 14th. A big thank you to all parents who are involved in providing a great party, by planning and organizing, donating something for the party, or coming to help run the party.

Lunch/Recess Volunteers: 111 and 112 would love it if you could volunteer for recess & lunch supervision. Third grade has recess/lunch from 11:30 – 12:15.  Please  see the class page to sign up or click the link below:

Specials Next Week:

Mon: E….111  Music & TLC                    112 Music & Science Lab

Tues: F……111  TLC & Library                112    TLC    (We attend 5th grade’s music dress rehearsal)

Wed: A…..111  Spanish  & Gym              112 Gym &  Science Lab

Thurs: B….111  Gym & Science Lab       112 Library &  TLC    (Valentine’s Day parties)

Fri : C….111  Art & Spanish                     112 Spanish and Gym

Remember every Friday is Flash Light Friday.  Please make sure your child has a working flashlight.

Queen of Hearts is every Monday at Kenny’s! Hopefully  you will be the next  Winner!

Monday, February 18th,  No School for Presidents’ Day

Tuesday, February 19th Cardinal College event 6:00 pm