Terrific Third Grade 1-25-2019

Catholic Schools Week starts with the St. Cletus Mass and Open House this Sunday, January 27th 2019.   9:30 Am Mass.   10:30 – 1:00 the school will be open for everyone to tour the classrooms and see the  junior high’s  great science, history, and consumer fair exhibits.  Fifth grade will have their inventions on display.  You can see third grade’s Technology posters,  Cube Book Reports, and even themselves hard at work!  Please come and bring your friends to tour the entire school. The special Catholic School Activities are at the end of this post.

Math:   More division strategies are being presented and practiced.  See the photos  of 111 working on their division skills.

Students should have already memorized the multiplication facts 0-12 and now they should be practicing the division facts. There will not be a  Simple Solutions Quiz on Friday.






                                  Religion:   Students will                                                                                     recite our January prayer, the beautiful Prayer of St. Francis, on Thursday, January 31 st.   The third graders will be hosting the  Wednesday, February 27th  School Mass so please check and see if your schedule permits you to come and pray with us.

Phonics: Students will read and use words with vowel digraphs ea, aw, au, ei,  and oo. They will also sort vowel pair from vowel digraphs.

Spelling: The weekly spelling unit, # 20,  consists of words with  r-controlled vowels, spelled  or, ore, ar, and oar. The tested words will be:  story, wore, north, board, board, form, corner, warm, score, morning, forget, before, storm, tore, order and war.  Students  will use sound and letter patterns, categorize words, use context clues, proofread sentences.  There will not be a unit 20 spelling test  on Friday, February 1st because of Thursday’s student appreciation / no homework day.

Language:  Students will  be reciting their selected January poem in front of the class on WednesdayJanuary 3oth.

Reading:  Students will be sharing their cube book reports with the class this week. We will be starting our ReadyGen class novel, The Year of Miss Agnes, and also will be  working on supplementary comprehension Quizlets. Students should continue to be reading at least 15 minutes nightly. The Great America Reading Challenge is due in February so students should be filling out their forms as daily reading is done in order to receive a free pass to Great America.

Writing: Students will continue to work on informative/ explanatory writing about a famous person.

Grammar: This week students  practice various skills in Simple Solutions Grammar and enjoy some grammar games. There will not be a short Simple Solutions Quiz  this week.

Science: In unit 3 this week students will  continue to learning about plant and animal life cycles.  Important vocabulary words are life cycles, germinates, flower, reproduce, cones, pollen, pollination,  and spores.

Catholic Schools Week Activities:                                                                                                                                                             Monday: Pjs & Buddies                                                                                                                                                             Tuesday: Flannel & Stripes Dress down & We Love Our Parents Day                                                                   Wednesday: Teacher Appreciation Day….regular uniforms                                                                                     Thursday: Student Appreciation Day  ….free dress down – no homework                                                           Friday: Red/ White Day.  111 white/ 112 red          3rd grade plays   9:40 – 10:10                                   


Lunch/Recess Volunteers: 111 and 112 would love it if you could volunteer for recess & lunch supervision. Third grade has recess/lunch from 11:30 – 12:15.  Please  see the class page to sign up or click the link below:


Specials Next Week:

Mon: A…..111 Spanish                      112 Gym & Science Lab

Tues: B….111 Gym &Science Lab    112 Library &  TLC

Wed: C…….111 Art & Spanish         112 Spanish and Gym

Thurs. D……111 Science Lab           112 Art & Spanish

Fri. E……111  Music & TLC               112 Science Lab     RED and WHITE VOLLEYBALL GAME. Third grade plays at                                                                                                        10:20- 11:00

Remember every Friday is Flash Light Friday.  Please make sure your child has a working flashlight.

Queen of Hearts is every Monday at Kenny’s! Maybe you will be the 2nd Winner!

Wednesday, February 6th, we will be going to 8am Mass.