Terrific Third Grade 12-31-2018

Happy New Year!     We are looking forward to having everyone back on Monday, January 7th!

Please, if you did not bring in classroom supplies of tissues, baby wipes, and paper towels in August, have your child bring them in this returning week of January. This should be students with names N-Z.

Religion:   Students will learn about the marks of the church. The marks are that the church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.  As a class we will go to the 8am Mass on Wednesday, January 9th.

Phonics:  Students will continue both to practice how to add suffixes and endings to base words this week. They will form the new words, use the words in sentences, divide the words into syllables and then to remove the suffixes resulting in the base word. The suffixes students will use include  ion, ment, en, ible, and ing.

Spelling: The weekly spelling unit, # 17, focuses on words that a writer frequently will use.    The unit words are:  friend, very, people, your, after, busy, other, were, should, once, would, sure,little, every, and could. In this unit students will be working with sound and letter patterns, world building,  synonyms, context clues, and proofreading.  The unit 17 spelling test will be on Friday, January 11th.

Reading:  Students should be reading at least 15 minutes nightly and should be filling in the reading record for the Great America Reading Challenge and free pass to Great America.  Our new book to read is All About Earth. Students will continue to use text features and determine the main idea and key details as they read this nonfiction selection. Key vocabulary includes: planet, liquid, surrounds, oceans, contain, streams, survive, desert,  lizards, sand grains, dunes, atmosphere, rainbow, and scattered.  The genre of the January book report will be student’s choice. The book report will be due January 25th.

Writing: The third graders will make a New Year’s Flip book and continue to work on informative/ explanatory writing .

Grammar: This week students will continue to practice various skills in Simple Solutions Grammar and will also classify sentences with the Shurley English program.

Math:  Students will resume working in the GO Math text book, chapter 5 as we finish up useful multiplication strategies.  The weekly Simple Solutions Quiz will be on Friday, January 11th.  Please help your child memorize the multiplication facts 0-12.

Science: Students should be finished with the Technology project research and starting to assemble their poster which is due on January 11. Please review the requirements on the information sheet. Students will share their poster and what they learned about the selected topic with their classmates.

Social Studies: Students will learn that immigrants had to start new way of life when they came to America and that migration is when people moved within the United States .

Lunch/Recess Volunteers: 111 and 112 would love it if you could volunteer for recess & lunch supervision. Third grade has recess/lunch from 11:30 – 12:15.  Please  see the class page to sign up or click the link below:

Specials Next Week:

Mon. E……111  Music & TLC         112 Science Lab

Tues.  F….111  TLC & Library        112 Music and TLC

Wed.   A….111  Spanish & Gym      112 Gym & Science Lab

Thurs.  B… 111  Gym & Science Lab     112  Library & TLC

Friday   C…111   Art & Spanish        112 Spanish & Gym

Remember every Friday is Flash Light Friday.

Queen of Hearts is every Monday at Kenny’s! Maybe you will be the 2nd Winner!

Martin Luther King Day: January 21st, 2019.   No school

Open House: January 27th 2019.   9:30 Am Mass   10:30 – 1:00 tour the school