Terrific Third Grade 12-1-2018



Religion:   Students will be going to church on Monday to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  We have reviewed both reconciliation and the Act of Contrition ( Prayer of Sorrow)  in class  but would appreciate it if you also spend a few minutes going over this with your child. On Wednesday students will go to 8 am Mass.

Phonics:  Students will be reviewing the different ways to form plurals this week.

Language: Students should start practicing their selected December poem.  Please encourage your child to use good expression. Using a prop as the poem is recited can be beneficial to help with expression and eliminates some nervousness.

Spelling: The weekly spelling unit 14 focuses on  soft sounds of g and c.   The unit words are:  change, fence, space, age, center, large, since, price, page, ice, dance, pencil, slice, place and city.  In this unit students will be working with rhymes, inferences, proofreading, and forming plurals besides working with the special g and c sounds.  The weekly spelling test will be on Friday, December 7th .

Reading:  In the ReadyGen program this week  we will read a fiction selection, Treasure in the Trees. Students will not only be finding the story’s central message but will also be distinguishing their own point of view from that of the story narrator or characters in the story. Students will continue to find details and evidence in the text to support their answers.  We will also continue to focus on nonfiction text features.  New vocabulary: exasperated, grove, frustrated, underside, urged, creature, and destroyed.  Students should be reading nightly but here will NOT be a book report in December. Students should also remember to be filling in the reading record for the Great America Reading Challenge and free pass.  These are a few of the historical fiction diorama book reports.

Math:  Students need to practice the multiplication facts  0 -12 for a few minutes every day.  We will continue to work on this in class, but please also help your child at home. Knowing the multiplication facts quickly and accurately  is very important.  From now until Christmas break we will be sending home math homework pages focusing on the multiplication facts. We will resume with the GoMath text and practice book after the holidays.  We are continuing with the daily Simple Solution math practice.  The weekly Simple Solutions Quiz will be on Friday. 

Please send in some of your extra catalogs, store promotional ads, sale papers, and newspaper ads for a math project. Thank you!




                                                                            Science: As part of our STEM program  students worked together designing and building bridges.

Science: Relaxation Program: Due to the snow day the final and third part of the stress reduction/relaxation program needed to be cancelled this past Monday. This has been rescheduled  for Friday afternoon. After a review of the concepts,  students will have a quiz about what they learned. We are both so pleased to hear the many wonderful comments from students and parents about this program.

Science: We are  finishing our unit on technology and engineering. The test will be on Thursday, December 6th.  In conjunction with unit 2, students are going to make a poster project showing how a selected item of technology has changed and improved over the years. Students now have selected their topics for the project and have received the  requirement/direction sheet. This is due either on December 21 or January 11. Either date is equal with no benefit for the early date or penalty for the later date.

Cardinal College:   Dr. Valerie Kattouf O.D.  ( Ben Sosne’s mom)  will be presenting an informative and interesting talk December 4 – “iStrain: What effect do today’s tablets and devices have on vision and learning?”  Dr. Kattouf  (Valerie Sosne) has given presentations throughout the United Staes and Canada. We are so lucky to have her address this issue at St. Cletus. Please come and invite a few friends and neighbors to attend with you.

Lunch/Recess Volunteers: 111 and 112 would love it if you could volunteer for recess & lunch supervision. Third grade has recess/lunch from 11:30 – 12:15.  Please  see the class page to sign up or click the link below:

Specials Next Week:

Mon. B… 111  Gym & Science Lab     112  library & TLC                                Reconciliation  

Tues. C…111 Art & Spanish          112 Spanish & Gym                        Chipotle Fund Raiser;   Cardinal College “iStrain”

Wed.  D…111 Science Lab             112 Art & Spanish      8 am Mass

Thurs. E..111 Music & TLC           112 Science Lab          $1 dress down: wear bright green, purple or white  for Misericordia

Fri. F….111 TLC & Library           112 Music & TLC

Remember every Friday is Flash Light Friday.

Queen of Hearts is every Monday at Kenny’s!