Terrific Third Grade 11-2-2018

 Halloween Fun!

Religion:   Third grade will be hosting the Thanksgiving Prayer Service on Tuesday, November 20th. Please come and pray with us if your schedule permits. In our new chapter students will be learning about the early church including the apostles, saints and martyrs. The students will also be learning the November prayer (due 11/30), which they have been given both a school and home copy. They are continuing to pray and learn about the rosary.  Our third grade will be attending the 8:00 am Mass on Wednesday, November 7th. Students are also learning how to express concern for others in the Second Step program.

Phonics:  Students will be practicing dividing words into syllables, and recognizing  r-controlled vowels as we wind up the unit.

Language: Students have been given the November poem selections.  They need to select a poem and have it memorized by November 15th.

Spelling: The weekly spelling words in unit 11 will have long o vowel patterns spelled either o, ow, or oa.  The words are: snow, load, almost, row, soak, window, foam, most, flow, goat, throw, float, blow, below, and soap.  During spelling lessons students also will practice with word structure, rhymes,  synonyms, alliteration, solving riddles, and  proofreading.  The weekly spelling test will be on Friday, November 9th.

Grammar:  The 112 weekly Simple Solution Grammar quiz will be on Thursday, November 8th and 111’s will be Friday, November 9th.  This quiz will be on lessons 33-36 and will focus on, book titles, writing a correct address, using the correct pronoun,  using the correct articles, forming irregular plural nouns ending in “f” or “fe”, finding the subject, making a noun possessive, and dropping the silent e before adding the suffix “ing” or “ed.”

Reading:  In the Ready Gen program we will be starting our second module.  Students will be reading a variety of texts to understand the central messages or main ideas by closely looking at the details to support them. Students will also be understanding how different text features help convey information.  Our next story will be a nonfiction selection, The Moon Seems to Change   Students should be reading the historical fiction book (not a historical biography) that they selected for the November 28th book report. 

Math:  The Go Math Chapter 4 is about Multiplication facts and strategies.  Students will be understanding strategies and memorizing the multiplication facts  0 -12.  Please help your student at home to learn these vital facts. The weekly Simple Solutions Quiz  will be on Friday.

Science:  Students will be reviewing steps in the design process and how technology has changed through time. They will also see how technology and society are related. Technology affects how people live and what they do. People also affect technology by inventing new things.

Relaxation Program:  If you have not already done so, please complete and return the permission form for our 3 part in-school relaxation program.  This connects to our new Red Ribbon Award about caring for our children and keeping them healthy, physically and mentally. This great program is during class time.


Baby Wipes:  We are totally out of our baby wipes. Students use these before lunch every day.  If you could sent in a pack or two this would be most appreciated. Thank you!

Lunch/Recess Volunteers: 111 and 112 would love it if you could volunteer for recess & lunch supervision. Third grade has recess/lunch from 11:30 – 12:15.  Please  see the class page to sign up or click the link below:

Specials Next Week:

Mon. C…111 Art & Spanish           112 Spanish & Gym

Tues.. D…111 Science Lab              112 Art & Spanish

Wed. E …111 Music & TLC             112 Science Lab

Thurs. F….111 TLC & Library        112 Music & TLC

Fri.  A…111 Spanish & Gym             112 Gym & Science Lab

Remember every Friday is Flash Light Friday.