Terrific Third Grade 9- 13-19

Religion: The chapter 1 test was been postponed to Tuesday, September 17th. Items on the test will be: the Blessed Trinity, Incarnation, who Jesus is and what his name means, John the Baptist, what  is a prophet, and what Jesus did in his public ministry.  Students should be practicing the September monthly prayer in anticipation of the Sep. 30th oral test. Third graders will continue to go to the 8 am Mass on Thursdays.  Please make sure your child is in church a couple of minutes before  8 in order to be ready for the start of Mass.  Third graders are focusing on their blessings as they record what they are thankful  & grateful for in a small booklet.

Grammar: Students  will  be  practicing forming possessive plurals, identifying common and proper nouns, locating the subject in sentence, and using several different ways to add suffixes.  They will continue  to edit sentences and identify types of sentences. On Friday students will take the 4th weekly grammar quiz.

Reading:  The first book report is due on Thursday, September 19th. Students will present their report to the class.  We will also read the third mystery in the Gasping Garbage novel.

Language:  Students  should continue to practice memorizing the  September poem with expression. The poem will be recited on September 23rd.

Spelling: We will be focusing on the vowel sound spelled oi and ou.  Students will also be working with rhyming words, analogies, idioms, and proofreading.

Math:  In the Go Math program students will  now use  estimation,  compatible numbers, rounding,  and  number lines, strategies  with subtraction. In Simple Solutions students will continue to add, subtract, estimate, read a clock, complete 2 step story problems, write base ten numbers,  identify shapes, and fractions.  On Friday students will take the weekly Simple Solutions math quiz.

Social Studies: Students learned about 9-11-2001  and are still working on a 9-11 booklet.  Next week we will resume learning about different communities in our country.

Field trip:  Thank you everyone for returning Permission slips for our Isle a la Cache trip on time.

Lunch Volunteers:  Third graders still love to have their parents come to school for lunch and recess, and we do too! Please consider signing up for a day when you are available. Sign up on the parent page, you can use this QR code:

Important  Dates:   

Sept. 19th…….8 am Mass

Sept. 24th………Field trip

Sept. 27th……..Grandparent/ grandfriends Mass