Terrific Third Grade 8/23/19

Welcome back!  We are delighted to have such wonderful children in our classes this year and the support of such great parents.  It really made us feel great this week  when we announced that it was time to pack up to go home and many students said, “Not already! It seems like we just got here!”

Religion:  We started the year off with an all school Mass. Students also made thankful/ grateful booklets in which they will write and draw things that they are thankful or grateful for in their lives. Our theme this year is Angles Among Us  so each student made an angel and decorated it with words about angels.  This year third grade will be attending the 8 am Mass every Thursday.

Language Arts:  Students wrote about their summers and shared in front of the class interesting facts about themselves. They listened to a couple of stories and we discussed listening and working with others. Students also worked in the Simple Solutions  Grammar book. On Tuesday and Thursday Simple Solutions  Grammar will be homework. Reading: Every student should select a chapter book for their first book report which will be due on Thursday, September 19th. This year students will be responsible for memorizing a monthly poem. The poems will be passed out on Monday.

Math: Students took the math pretests from the Simple Solutions and GoMath series this week.  They will go home in June after taking the post test this is done to let each child see how much they have learned in Math this year. (They will be AMAZED!)   The Go Math book is now comprised of 12 individual chapter booklets, instead of a large school book and a separate  homework /practice book.  We will start chapter 1, addition and subtraction within 1,000,  on Monday.   We already began the Simple Solutions program. Simple Solutions Math will be homework on   M & W.

Field trip: We are waiting for a final confirmation of our first awesome trip to the Isle a la Cache Living Museum in Romeoville. Hopefully we can still get one of our  3 selected dates.  We have already been informed 2 of the dates are already booked. We’ll let you know ASAP

Fall Fest: Fall fest is almost here!   Be sure to get your Mega Passes early and plan on enjoying several fun- filled days and evenings.                           

Social Studies: We started browsing through the social studies book so students are aware of the all the various topics that are included in the broad term “social studies.”

Supplies: Please put your child’s headphones which will be used for working on our Chrome books, and a small flashlight for Flashlight Friday, in a pocket of their backpack so they are always in our room for their use.