Terrific Third Grade December 13, 2019

Religion: On Tuesday third grade will be  making fleece blankets for Project Linus with their 7th grade buddies for an Advent service project.  The December prayer will  be recited on December 20th.

Reading: We  are reading the  nonfiction story, The Athabascans: Old Ways and New Ways.

Language: The December poem will be presented on December 20th.

Composition: Currently we are focused on Persuasive writing.

Phonics:   Students are studying  the different ways to add suffix ending to a word.

Grammar: Students are working with numerous skills. On the quiz next week they will be tested on comparative adjectives,/oi/ /oy/ patterns, using commas and quotation marks in a sentence, collective nouns, forming a singular possessive word, capitalization, changing y to i before adding es, descriptive adjectives, and writing a sentence correctly. Usual quiz  will be on Friday.

Spelling:  This week students will be studying Christmas words.

Math: Please continue practice the multiplication facts at home.  Hopefully we will finish unit 5 this week, which is also about multiplication. In Simple Solution students are becoming aware of area, double digit multiplication, more advanced story problems as well as reviewing time,  standard numbers greater than, less than. Friday we will have either the chapter 5 test ( if they are ready) or  the weekly Simple Solutions Quiz.

Social Studies:  Students are learning the many reasons people move now and in the past. They are learning about immigration, what culture consists of, ethnic neighborhoods, and about the contributions of some immigrants.

Science:  Students enjoyed a STEM activity of building toothpick and marshmallow tower. They used planning and engineering skills as they cooperated with a partner to construct and redesign their towers.

Holiday Treasures Gift Shop: Third grade will be attending the FSA sponsored “gift shop” on Tuesday to make their purchases.  A flyer and envelope went home last week explaining this activity. Please go to the website for further information.

 Christmas Program: Third grade will be participating in the wonderful Christmas program on Thursday. Please have your child  dressed up in holiday colored clothing and be at the parish center at 6:45 pm.

Headphones/Ear Buds:  Please send in headphones or ear buds for your child to use when using the computer in class if they do not already have them. These will remain  in the back pack unless they are being used by your child.

Recess & Cold Weather, A reminder:  We try to have outside recess unless it is raining or snowing. In addition to a coat, please make sure your child has a hat and mittens for the cold days.

Lunch Volunteers:  Third graders still love to have their parents come to school for lunch and recess, and we do too! Please consider signing up for a day when you are available. Sign up on the parent page, you can use this QR code:

Upcoming dates:

Tuesday, December 17th: Linus project and Holiday Treasures Gift Shopping.

Thursday, December 19th:  Christmas Program at  7 pmStudents need to wear Christmas clothes.

Friday, December 20th:  Last day to bring in cake mixes, frosting, and $ donation for the Christmas Food Pantry collection.

Friday, December 20th:  3:00 pm Start of Christmas Vacation.