Terrific Third Grade February 7, 2020




Religion:   On Tuesday third grade will host the  Our Lady of Lourdes school Mass. Please  come and pray with us if your schedule permits. The February prayer which is said daily at school will be recited on February 28th. We will be discussing the church as the body of Christ, and the Apostles’ Creed as the prayer containing all of our beliefs as Catholics in chapter 9.

Reading: We have  finished reading  the novel,   The Year of Miss Agnes. On Monday, February 10th,  students will take the Miss Agnes comprehension test.

Language: The February poems were passed out and memorization of 1 selected poem is  due on Wednesday, February 26th.  To make the poems even better please encourage your child to put more expression into their presentation.

Phonics:    In Unit 5 students are learning the differences of vowel pairs and digraphs. The unit 5 test will be on Wednesday, February 19th.

Grammar:   Next week’s quiz will contain questions about: forming words with the prefix re-,  writing a sentence correctly, using context clues to determine word meanings, locating the object in the sentence, making the subject and verb agree,  adding commas and quotation marks, selecting the past verb in a sentence, and identifying the “when” adverb . The weekly quiz will be on  Friday.

Spelling:  This week students will be studying words in unit 21  with “r” controlled vowels, ur, or, ar, ear, and ir.  They will practice vowel sound letter patterns, categorize, use dictionary skills, proofread a poster, and use context clues. The unit 21 test will be on Friday, February 14th.

Math:  In chapter 7 students  are memorizing the facts  and reviewing numerous division strategies.  This week will be division by 5, 3, 4, and 6. The strategies will be  using repeated subtraction, number lines, tables, fact families, arrays, skip counting, and a new strategy  of doubling or taking 1/2 of another fact.   On Friday the 14th,  we will have the weekly Simple Solutions Quiz. The quiz will have division word problems. rounding to the hundreds, elapsed time, subtraction with regrouping,  identifying same point on a number line, area, addition with regrouping, writing a fraction, a few multiplication and division problems, writing a base ten number, and solving a two step word problem. Students need to remember to label their answers. 

Science:   We have read and then discussed the steps of  engineering process: identifying a problem, designing, testing the prototype,  redesigning and retesting, and communication. Students are now aware technology is anything that helps. It can be something as simple as a pencil or a toothbrush or as complicated as a computer or space station. After a review students will have the test on Thursday, February 13th.

Valentines’ Day: Students should decorate a Valentines’ Day box or bag to bring to school for their Valentines.  Students are encouraged to bring in Valentines for their classmates.  There are 16 students in 112 and 17 students in 111. Cards should be signed but it is not necessary to write the classmates’ names on the cards.

Stress Reduction/Relaxation Program: Students enjoyed the 1st session of this program this and look forward to Ms. Bower  returning on 2/13 and 2/20 for parts two and three. There will be a test for students upon the completion of this program.

Social Studies:  The president mobile is due on Wednesday, February 19th in honor of Presidents’ Day. We look forward to learning  from each student  as they present their mobile and share interesting and important information about their president.

Future important Dates:

February 11th …Mass

February 14th…Valentine’s Day…School party

February 17…. No School…Presidents’ Day

February 19…President mobiles are due

February 26th…Ash Wednesday Mass

March 12…Conferences

March 19… Field trip to the Farm

March 26th … Wax Museum… Parents are invited to attend this morning program

March 28th…Spring Auction

Headphones/Ear Buds:  Please send in headphones or ear buds for your child to use when using the computer in class if they do not already have them. These will remain  in the back pack unless they are being used by your child.

Flash Light Friday: Please check if your child has a working flash light on Fridays.

Recess & Cold Weather:  We try to have outside recess unless it is raining or snowing. In addition to a coat, please make sure your child has a hat and mittens for the cold days.

Lunch Volunteers:  Third graders still love to have their parents come to school for lunch and recess, and we do too! Please consider signing up for a day when you are available. Sign up on the parent page.