Terrific Third Grade January 17, 2020

Religion: Students are going have the chapter 5 religion test  about the four marks of the church on Thursday, January 22nd. Currently the third graders are busy making cards to thank the parishioners for their continual support of our school. These will be placed in the Canticle. Weekly students listen to the Gospel message and then work on puzzles reinforcing the message.  Room 111 & 112 will host the school Mass on February 11, the feast day honoring Mary as Our Lady of Lourdes. Please mark it in your calendar so you come and pray with us if your schedule permits.  The Prayer of St. Francis will be recited on January 31st.

Second Step: Students will continue to explore techniques to handle anger through discussion and role playing.

Reading: We are continuing to read,  The Year of Miss Agnes. In class students are working on a reading packet about the novel.

Language: The January poem will be presented on January 27th.

Phonics:   Next week students will be finishing unit 4 about understanding how to make contractions, plurals and add suffixes.  They will be taking the Unit 4 Test on Friday.

Grammar: Students are learning and practicing numerous skills.  Next week’s quiz will contain questions about: adjectives that tell what kind,  forming a singular possessive word, writing irregular past tense verbs, identifying a sentence that shows present tense,  adding a comma and quotation marks around dialogue, connecting 2 simple sentences to make a compound sentence,  figuring out what a given word means,  using the suffix -ful, using the prefix re-, and writing a sentence correctly. The weekly quiz will be on Friday.

Spelling:  This week students will be studying words in unit 19   with the  aw sound.  They will practice vowel sound letter patterns, use analogies, antonyms, dictionary skills, proofread a book report, and use context clues. The unit 19 test will be on Friday, January 24th.

Math:  Students are doing a great job using division strategies. We still practice the multiplication facts  because if students know their multiplication  facts, then division is easy!  On Friday we will have the weekly Simple Solutions Quiz.


Science:   We are looking forward to  seeing all of our students’ technology posters this  Thursday, January 23rd. The poster should be the standard size of  22 x 28 inches.

Social Studies: Students will be learning the significance  of  the message in “I Have A Dream.”

Stress Reduction/Relaxation Program: The $6 fee for this 3 part program is due Monday, January 27th. This program will be on the first three Thursday in February.

No School Monday January 20th: Martin Luther King Day



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Catholic Schools Week:  A lot of fun activities will occur during Catholic Schools’ week.

Sunday, January 26th: Mass: 9:30 AM & Open House: 10:30 AM – 2:00 PM  Please bring your neighbors, friends, and relatives to Mass and to  see our great school.  St. Cletus students should attend with their families and wear their school uniforms.

Monday, January 27th: Crazy socks & shoes with uniform! Wear your uniform with any socks and shoes you’d like – just remember to be safe and if you have gym…gym shoes are required.

Tuesday, January 28th:  Dress as your favorite book character! Dress up and bring in your favorite book to help others see how you Learn and Succeed as a reader. Remember to be appropriate and if you have gym….gym shoes are required. Bring in a book to donate to those in need!

Wednesday, January 29th: Teacher Appreciation Day & Mass: 10:30 AM.  We will attend Mass together, and teachers will enjoy the FSA sponsored luncheon.

Thursday, January 30th:  Student Appreciation Day: Books, Board Games & Buddies! Teachers will find a time during the day to share some special time with their buddies to show how we Lead! Dress comfortably, according to the dress down code, to have some fun on the floor.

Friday, January 31st:  Red & White Day – Souper Day! We’ve got spirit, yes we do, we’ve got spirit how ‘bout YOU!? Students in grades 1-8, wear your assigned red or white color along with gym shoes for the red and white volleyball games, which take place throughout the school day. Spirit wear for everyone else! Bring in a can of soup to show how we Serve others.

Future important Dates:

February 11th …Mass

March 12…Conferences

March 19… Field trip to the Farm

March 26th … Wax Museum

March 28th…Spring Auction

Headphones/Ear Buds:  Please send in headphones or ear buds for your child to use when using the computer in class if they do not already have them. These will remain  in the back pack unless they are being used by your child.

Flash Light Friday: Please check if your child has a working flash light on Fridays.

Recess & Cold Weather:  We try to have outside recess unless it is raining or snowing. In addition to a coat, please make sure your child has a hat and mittens for the cold days.

Lunch Volunteers:  Third graders still love to have their parents come to school for lunch and recess, and we do too! Please consider signing up for a day when you are available. Sign up on the parent page.