Terrific Third Grade, May, 17th 2019

Religion:  Students will  be learning how God calls us to holiness in chapter 12.  They will understand  the different vocations that God calls his people to, and the the 3 vows that a priest makes. Students will attend the all school 9 am Mass on Tuesday, May 21st and the 8 am Mass on Wednesday May 29. Students will recite the Hail Holy Queen prayer on May 31st.  

Reading: The May Book reports are due on Thursday, May 23rd. Students should be working on different sections of the book report form as they continue reading.
In our Ready Gen program we will finish reading  Knots on a Counting Rope,  and then read Storm in the Night and A Paul Bunyan Tall Tale. Students will understand that history, interesting stories, and other information has been passed down orally in the past.

Poetry: The May poems will be recited on Tuesday, May 28th.

Spelling: Students will be adding suffixes -er and -est. in unit 33.  There are 3 rules this week  1.  drop the final e  before adding er or est,  2. double the final consonant before adding -er and est,  3. make no change before adding -er and -est.    The list words to study are: larger, sadder, widest, sharper, closest, hotter, saddest, redder, reddest, wider, later, largest, closer, hottest, and latest . In addition to  practicing adding the -er and -est suffixes, students will be matching beginning / ending sounds, completing sentences and groups,  using context clues, and proofreading. The Unit 33 test will be on Friday, May 24th.

Phonics:  We completed our phonics book, however students will review skills throughout the week.

Grammar: Quiz #28 will be on Friday, May 24th. Skills to be tested:   preposition, using context clues to determine vocabulary meaning, past, present  and future verbs, quotations, forming plural nouns… ending in ch, sh, f, selecting the best conjunction for the sentence, combining two simple sentences into a compound sentence, dividing words into syllables, locating an adverb that compares, and writing a plural possessive noun.

Math: In our Go Math program  students will be further exploring area and perimeter in chapter 11. The third graders will have a Simple Solutions quiz both on Wednesday (22nd) and Friday (24th) of next week. The final post test will be taken on Tuesday, May 28th.

Social Studies: We will be concluding Chapter 6,  with a selection about Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad.  Students will review the chapter and then take the chapter test on Thursday. 

The photo on the left is of the bus evacuation drill.

The photo on the right is a collage of 111’s chicken experiences.  I am so sorry the “turn” arrows  did not  turn the photo for easier viewing.




 Dance a thon: The fun fund-raiser  is  May 24th.  Please send in the donations that you have collected to support our school.  We are aiming at personal goals of $100 per student.

Lunch/Recess Volunteers: 111 and 112 would love it if you could volunteer for recess & lunch supervision. Third grade has recess/lunch from 11:30 – 12:15. Please see the class page to sign up or click the link below:

Mon. E….111 Music & TLC                       112  Science Lab

Tues.. F ….111 TLC & Library                   112  Music & TLC

Wed.. A… 111 Spanish & Gym                   112  Gym & Science Lab

Thurs.. B… 111 Gym & Science Lab         112  Library & TLC

Fri.. C…111 Art & Spanish                          112  Spanish & Gym

Remember every Friday is Flash Light Friday.

May 27th…..No school as we celebrate Memorial Day

May 28th….Last $1  Misericordia Dress Down Day ….color blue