Terrific Third Grade, May, 10th 2019

Feed My Starving Children Field Trip: Assembling the food bags.

Religion: We will be  going to the beautiful May crowning Mass on Monday at 9am.  We also will be reviewing “The Parish is Our Home,” chapter 11 and take the chapter test on Wednesday. In our Second Step program we will be discussing how to cope with anger.  In class, as usually do, we will review the Sunday Gospel and students will complete a worship bulletin to prepare them for the weekend Mass.  Students will continue to learn the the first verse of Hail Holy Queen prayer in honor of our Blessed Mother which will be recited on May 31st.   May all moms and grandmas  have a wonderful Mothers’ Day this weekend.

Reading: Everyone can start their May book report by doing a different question as they continue reading. For instance one day the main character’s picture can be drawn and on another day write about the character. This ensures no last minute rush! The book report is due on May 23rd.
In our Ready Gen program we will be read The Song of Sky and Sand and in the Text Collection, Knots on a Counting Rope, some poetry, and A Paul Bunyan Tall Tale.  Currently we are also working with some sport topics to practice literary skills.

Poetry: The May poems will be recited on Tuesday, May 28th.

Spelling: Students will be again working with plurals in unit 32.  However, the rule this week will be if a word ends with a consonant y, change the y to i and add -es. The list words to study are: party, baby, fairy, parties, spy, babies, spies, fairies, mystery, factories, mysteries, factory, hobby, ruby, and hobbies. Besides working with the plurals, students will be paying special attention to word structure, categories, synonyms, and proofreading. The Unit 32 test will be on Friday.

Phonics: Students will review unit 7 and take the final unit test on Tuesday, May 14th.

Grammar: Quiz #27 will be on Friday, May 17th. Skills to be tested:  use of conjunctions, using context clues to determine word meanings, irregular  past tense verbs,  locating adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions in sentences, identifying the root words, figuring if a word ( like wind) is a verb or noun from context clues, and combining two simple sentences into one compound sentence.

Math: Students will continue to compare and order fractions. The chapter 9 test will be taken on Thursday, May 16th. The third graders will have a Simple Solutions quiz both on Wednesday(15th) and Friday (17th) of next week.

Science: Our chickens are now at home at  lovely Kopping Farms in Lemont, which is primarily a horse farm. All the black and brown chickens came from eggs given to us from the Kopping’s farm. Attached is the farm and a few photos I wanted to post last week.


Social Studies: We will be reading about Seattle, a water community, World climate regions, and conflict resolutions.

Student council is sponsoring their last fundraising event for the year, ‘bring the change for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society” next week.  Each day students are asked to bring in pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters. Please read below for the full schedule:

  • Monday, May 13th: Any change is great- regular school uniform
  • Tuesday, May 14th: Dazzling Dimes – full “dazzling” dress down
  • Wednesday, May 15th: Neon nickels- dress down in neon colors
  • Thursday, May 16th: Pajama day-PJ pennies
  • Friday, May 17th: Crazy quarters- students may wear crazy accessories


Lunch/Recess Volunteers: 111 and 112 would love it if you could volunteer for recess & lunch
supervision. Third grade has recess/lunch from 11:30 – 12:15. Please see the class page to
sign up or click the link below:

Mon. F ….111 TLC & Library                112 Music & TLC

Tues. A… 111 Spanish & Gym               112 Gym & Science Lab
Wed. B… 111 Gym & Science Lab         112 library & TLC
Thurs. C…111 Art & Spanish                  112 Spanish & Gym
Fri. D…111 Science Lab                           112 Art & Spanish

Remember every Friday is Flash Light Friday.
Queen of Hearts is every Monday at Kenny’s!