Terrific Third Grade November 1st, 2019

Religion:   Room 112  did an excellent job with morning prayers this past week.  Now room 111 will be reading the morning prayers for the entire school over the PA .  In the Second Step program, students will be learning how to deal with peer pressure.   The  sorrowful mysteries rosary will continue to be learned and prayed in class.   In our text  will continue  to discuss the second coming of Jesus, that Heaven is life with God forever, and the Last Judgment.

Language: November poems will be passed out on  Monday.

Grammar:  This week students will work on reviewing types of sentences, finding the subject pronoun of a sentence, using verbs of being,   using gh or ph to make the F sound in words, adding ‘s to make a noun possessive, identifying adjectives,and selecting the correct homophone. They will also identify conjunctions, use verbs of beings in sentences,  and locate the adverb in a sentence and the verb it describes.  On Friday students will take the 11th weekly grammar quiz.

Reading:  Students will be beginning the new short novel, Treasure in the Trees.  We will be focused on identifying the central message or main idea by looking closely at the details that support them.  Our benchmark  vocabulary will be gnarled, exasperated, grove, frustrated, urged, creature, destroyed , unfurled, hastily, rumbling, desperately,  inched, exclaimed, creatures, generous, triumphantly, and underside.

Spelling:  Unit 11 teaches students about the long o vowel  patterns of ow, oa and o.  They will practice using synonyms, alliteration,  solving riddles, rhyming, spelling patterns, word meaning, and proofreading directions.  The spelling 11 test will be on Friday, November 8th.

Phonics:   This week students will  focus on consonant blends in words:  r blends ( br, cr, pr, dr, fr, tr, ), l blends ( fl, pl, sl, bl, gl, sl, cl),  s blends  ( sk, sn, str, sw, sn, sp, sq, sc) , and final blends  ( mp, sk, nk, st, lt, lk, ft, nd, ld.)

Math:   We will be finishing  Go Math  Chapter 3, Understanding Multiplication, after we multiply by 0 and 1 in lesson 3.7 .  Students will review the chapter and then have the chapter test on Wednesday, November 6th.   On Friday students will take the  Simple Solutions math quiz #11.

Science:  Students will be  exploring how to measure length.

Halloween: Thank you to all the parents who came and helped with our parties and all those who sent in food and supplies.  We appreciate all of your help!

Recess & Cold Weather, A reminder:  We try to have outside recess unless it is raining or snowing. In addition to a coat, please make sure your child has a hat and mittens for the cold days.

Headphones/Ear Buds:  Please send in headphones or ear buds for your child to use when using the computer in class if they do not already have them. These will remain  in the back pack unless they are being used by your child.

Lunch Volunteers:  Third graders still love to have their parents come to school for lunch and recess, and we do too! Please consider signing up for a day when you are available. Sign up on the parent page, you can use this QR code:

Have a wonderful weekend!