Third Grade News and Up Coming Events

Hello! We have had another fun week in Third Grade.  We celebrated a birthday and look forward to another one next week.  We had a practice fire drill on Thursday and did a great job.

Please remember that this Tuesday, August 31st we will start attending 8:00am Mass as a school.  The students are encouraged to arrive at school early so that they may bring their things to the room before Mass. Please bring your child to school no later than 7:45 every Tuesday morning so that we can be on time for Mass.  Parents are welcome to join us in church if your schedule allows.  Please let me know if your child needs to receive a GLUTEN free Host at Communion.


Weekly Special Schedule: Be sure to wear the appropriate uniform.  

Monday:  Spanish

Tuesday:  Gym and Weekly 8:00 am Mass attendance.

Wednesday:  Art

Thursday: TLC

Friday: Gym

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Math:  The students will learn about compatible numbers (numbers that are easy to add together mentally) as they round given numbers to the nearest 10’s and 100’s.  The class will also learn about strategies for adding numbers together as they show their work using jumps on a number line.  During the week the class will review the Associative and Commutative Properties of addition.  Friday, September 3rd the students will take the second Simple Solutions Math Quiz.  They will work on problems similar to lessons 5 through 8.

Science:  The class will work on measuring different items using tools that scientist use in their  work.

Phonics: Students will spend time reviewing hard and soft C & G sounds.  They will learn the vowels that help both C and G make those sounds in words.  The class will learn about writing journal entries using lists, notes and complete sentences.  The students will be completing the next four Grammar Simple Solutions as they review familiar skills.  Friday September 4th the class will independently complete the second Grammar Simple Solutions Quiz.

Spelling:  Our words this week will contain either the short o or e sounds.  The list of words will be sent home on Monday, August 30th.  During the week the class will do the work using their chrome books and the spelling text book.  Spelling homework will be on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Thursday night’s homework will be a handwriting sheet.  Please encourage your child to use their BEST hand writing as they complete the work.  Friday September 4th the students will take both a list test and a standardized quiz.

Reading:  Our work with the story “Lemonade Wars” contiues this week .  The story will be attached to our Google Classroom so that it can be reread at home as well.  “Lemonade Wars” is a short story about a little boy who is trying to sell more lemonade than his sister.  As we read the story, the students will be answering comprehension questions and defining some vocabulary words.  

iReady:  Students will be taking their iReady diagnostic test this week in both Math and Reading.  The iReady diagnostics is a very important test.  This test helps us to gage where the student needs assistance and the concepts that the excel in.  Please be sure that your child has their head phones in their backpacks so that they can use them as they take these tests.  



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My name is Lisa Gearen. I started teaching at St. Cletus in 2003. I taught first grade for 14 years and now teach 3rd. I have a bachelors degree in Communication and a Masters in Elementary Education. I received both degrees from Concordia University. I also have an associates degree in Early Childhood Education as well as being a Certified Catechist.