Third Grade News and Up Coming Events

Weekly Special Schedule:

Monday:  Spanish

Tuesday:  Gym (Wear Gym Uniform)

Wednesday:  Art

Thursday: TLC

Friday: Gym


EVERY Friday the third graders will spend D*E*A*R time reading by flashlight.  Please allow your child to keep a WORKING (batteries are good) flashlight in a pocket in their back packs.

Students are asked to have a good quality set of head phones to use when on their chrome books.  PLEASE help your child keep their headphones untangled to avoid breaking. Here is a helpful video from Youtube with ideas about how to keep head phones untangled:       

Please take time each night to look at your child’s RED assignment note book to be sure that you and your child know what has been assigned for homework.  Please sign the page each night so that I know you have seen the assignments.


The work that the students will be completing will be in our Google Classroom and when need be the books will be sent home so that students can complete the classwork.  All answers are in the book and as a class we will high light them.  

Religion:  This week the students will begin our “Second Step” empathy program.  The class will see how to determine the feelings of others and how they can change easily and quickly.  The students will also start the “WE BELIEVE” series and learn about what Jesus’ life was like when he was their age.

Math:  Students will be assigned 4 lessons in the Simple Solutions Math book on Monday.   Each of the four lessons should be completed and all work shown by Friday.  On Friday as a class we will correct the lessons and then the students will independently complete the week’s quiz.  If your child finishes the work before Friday they should keep the book in their backpacks so that it is there for Friday corrections.  

Each night the students will have a page of Math Homework that should be FULLY completed.  The page number will be written in your child’s assignment notebook that they should keep in their backpacks.  PLEASE be sure to sign the assignment notebooks so that I am sure you have seen the homework.   The page is in the GoMath book and should NOT be removed.  We will check the work every morning at the beginning of class.

This week as a class we will work on using number patterns to solve story addition problems.  I will be using the CUBE method to help the students find the information they need to solve the problems.  The CUBE method is: C ~ Circle the known numbers.  U ~ Underline the question.  B ~ Box in the Key Words.  E ~ Evaluate and Solve the problem.  We will also be rounding numbers to the nearest 10’s and 100’s.  A poem that the students will be learning to help them know when to raise the number or lower it when rounding is : 5 or more RAISE the score!!!  4 or less give is a REST!!  

Science / Social Studies:  In Third Grade we alternate between these two subjects to give them the proper attention that they deserve.  We begin the year with Science and learning about the ways Scientist explore and investigate to answer questions.  

Reading:  Our ReadyGen reading series opens with the story “Lemonade Wars”.  The story will be attached to our Google Classroom so that it can be reread at home as well.  “Lemonade Wars” is a short story about a little boy who is trying to sell more lemonade than his sister.  As we read the story, the students will be answering comprehension questions and defining some vocabulary words.  

Phonics:  The class will begin working in the Phonics workbook listening for the sounds at the Beginning, Middle and End of words (B,M,E).  

Spelling:  The first unit in our spelling series has us listening for the long I sound in words. The spelling list will go home on Monday so that students have plenty of time to study for the test on Friday.  The students will have spelling homework on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  PLEASE be sure that the work is completed using their NEATEST handwriting (Cursive is preferred)  and returned to the homework folder so that it can be turned in ON TIME!!! Every day the students will complete a page in class from the spelling book that will help them strengthen their skills and knowledge of the words they are working with.  As we begin the spelling curriculum we will work as a group to complete the work and as the students gain confidence with the skills they will work independently.

About the author

My name is Lisa Gearen. I started teaching at St. Cletus in 2003. I taught first grade for 14 years and now teach 3rd. I have a bachelors degree in Communication and a Masters in Elementary Education. I received both degrees from Concordia University. I also have an associates degree in Early Childhood Education as well as being a Certified Catechist.