F.Y.I (Four Your Information)

Looking ahead these last two weeks of Trimester One…

  • Wednesday, November 6th, B Day:
    •  Picture re-take day
    •  Parent / Teacher conference site goes live
    • Room 114 GYM
    • Room 115 Spanish
  • Thursday, November 7th, C Day:
    • Room 114 Spanish, STREAM
    • Room 115 GYM
  • Friday, November 8th, D Day:
    • Room 114 GYM
    • Room 115 Library, GYM
  • Monday, November 11th, E Day:
    •  Veteran’s Day, All School Mass 9:30AM
    • Room 114 Library and Spanish
    • Room 115 Music
  • Tuesday, November 12th, F Day:
    • Room 114 Music
    • Room 115 TLC and Spanish
  • Wednesday, November 13th, G Day:
    • D4D  Chipotle in Countryside 5-9pm – flyer required
    • Room 114 TLC and STREAM
    • Room 115 Music and STREAM
  • Thursday, November 14th, A Day:
    • Room 114 Music and TLC
    • Room 115 TLC and STREAM
  • Friday, November 15th, B Day:
    • End of Trimester 1- Parent Access to PowerSchool will be blocked at 3pm
    • Room 114 GYM
    • Room 115 Spanish

Math: We have begun Chapter 3 of our GoMath series. Students will be learning different strategies to multiply multi-digit numbers by two digit numbers. Test corrections for our Chapter 2 Assessment are due Friday, November 8th. Corrections must be completed on a separate sheet of paper. Our tentative testing date for Chapter 3 is November 21st, 2019.

Reading: We are continuing our novel study on Frindle. Students will be taking a comprehension quiz on Chapters 1-5 tomorrow, Wednesday, November 6th. There will be an upcoming quiz for Chapters 6-10 on the 13th of November. We will be offering two extra credit opportunities in the next two weeks that goes along with Frindle!

Spelling/ Grammar/Writing: Unit 6 is a review on our past units this year so far! We will be having our Unit 6 Assessment on Friday, November 8th. We will then move onto Unit 7, focusing on words with the long o sound patterns. Fourth grade continues to learn about complete sentences and fragments as well as writing a well written paragraph.

Science:  We will be concluding our lesson on measuring using different tools. Students have really enjoyed looking at the different tools and their functions. We will be moving onto Lesson 5- which focuses on the essential question: What Kind of Models Do Scientists Use? Our Lesson 5 quiz will be Thursday, November 14th. 

Social Studies: We will be concluding our History of Illinois Unit next week. At the end students will have learned all about the first people to how Illinois became a state. To conclude our unit students will be completing a mini project on our beloved state, Illinois. The majority of the project will be completed during Social Studies, however, there may be days when a piece of the project will be for homework. The information for the project will be given out on Thursday, November 7th. 

Religion: The month of November is dedicated to celebrating the lives of the saints and souls who have departed. In the classroom, students have been researching a chosen saint and reflecting on the saint’s life to see how we can learn from their lives. We will continue to learn and discuss about the lives and actions of the saints in our world, as well as continuing to deepen our understanding of the First Commandment and what it truly means.


  •  Trimester One ends on November 15th
  • Parent Teacher Conferences are on November 26th- Be sure to sign up!
  • No School: Wednesday, November 27th- Friday, November 29th, 2019

*** If you have read this, please tell your child the code words: thankful. When your child returns to school, have them tell their teacher the code word to receive a House Point!

Thank you so much for your constant support and cooperation!

Mrs. Lupe Varchetta & Ms. Hannah Tyk