February 2019

Can you believe it’s almost Trimester 3? Time sure flies when you’re having fun! The students have been working so hard…

Here’s a peek at what’s been going on in Grade Four!

In Language Arts, we have been working on analyzing craft and structure, including author’s word choices using our Skeletons Inside and Out  text. The 4th graders have been working on wrapping up their Bottle Buddy Research Papers. We will have them finished and graded as part of Trimester 2! Spelling was a review week for Room 114 and Room 115 started Unit 14 (test will be Friday, March 1st)!

In Math, we have been working diligently on the different methods of solving division problems: practicing the partial quotient method, drawing a rectangular method, and using repeated subtraction (just to name a few). Even still, the traditional long division seems to be the favorite.

In Science, the students have been learning about natural resources. The students will be completing a projecting in both Science and TLC about Food Chains and Food Webs!

In Social Studies, the students are reading and discussing how resources and events affect the Southeast region of the United States. We are wrapping up lesson one on the “Coastal Plains to the Mountains” and will begin lesson two on “Sunlight and Storms” next week!

In Religion, classrooms have been taking a closer look at the First and Second Commandments. We continue to discuss different ways we can live a life of love and respect- just how God wanted us to live.

  • We are always looking for parent volunteers for lunch and recess! Duty is from 11:30- 12:15 PM. We thank you in advance!!
  • Our Spring Auction is just about ONE MONTH AWAY! Please check your e-mail and look for ways to get involved!
  • Trimester 2 ends a week from today! Be sure to sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences!
Upcoming Events!

2.25   Hot Lunch – cheeseburger/hamburger – Queen of Heart at Kenny’s- 7pm draw

2.26   Student Council Dress Down $1 Blue attire – Faculty meeting

2.27  Mass Schedule –  9am All School Mass – Hot Lunch – Chopped salad with/without chicken  ( Band Breakfast in Morrissey Hall 7:30am)

~~~~3.1    End of the 2nd trimester ~~~~

3.4    Hot Lunch – Beef or Meatball sandwich Queen of Hearts at Kenny’s- 7pm draw

3.5    Mass Schedule – Aspire Interim testing

3.6    Hot lunch –pasta with marinara sauce.

3.7    11:30 Dismissal – Period 1-4 –  Auction Shirt Dress Down – no charge – only 2019 Auction Shirts – Parent Teacher Conferences 12:30-8pm