November 2018

Moving Mountains

                              in Fourth Grade…


Language Arts: We have wrapped up our first novel study of the book Frindle. The students have finished the novel, broke down the plot diagram, and talked about the different story elements! Be sure to ask your child about the book! We have also been practicing making inferences. This week in writing, we have reviewed fragments, run-on sentences, and complete sentences. We have started to take check-ins, or small quizzes on them.

Math: We have been working on breaking apart word problems and solving multi-step word problems. Room 114 is concluding Chapter 2 and referring back to past lessons as we prepare for Tuesday’s assessment (114).

Science: The students are finishing up their partner models that they have been working on. Our Unit test will be next week.

Social Studies: Classes have been introduced to primary and secondary sources.  We identified different examples of primary sources and analyzed a photograph to make an inference about that particular time. We will use what we learned about primary sources and inferences as we travel through the Northeast Region!

Religion: We have been finishing up Chapter 4. We will be taking our Chapter 4 Test on Tuesday (115) and Thursday (114). Please ensure that your student is working on their role for our Christmas Program!

Specials: In TLC the students are working on a Google Slide Presentation of the regions of the United States. In Music, the students have been preparing for their Christmas Program on December 13th.

Just a reminder, Book Order Forms are due by Wednesday, 12/5. Online Orders require class codes. 114 class code is: QDGGT  115 class code is: TTHZN

Upcoming Dates to Take Note!

  •         12/1- St. Cletus Choir sings at the La Grange Christmas Walk outside the Village Hall at 7:00pm
  •         12/3-  Hot Lunch (Pizza) and Queen of Hearts at Kenny’s @ 7:00pm
  •         12/3- Reconciliation 3rd-8th Grade—Classes will be called down starting at 9:00am
  •         12/4- Chipotle fundraiser in Countryside from 5-9:00pm
  •         12/5- Hot Lunch—Grilled/Breaded Chicken Sandwich, Yearbook club photos will be taken in Morrissey Hall
  •         12/6- Dress Down $1—green, purple, or white— for the Gift of Hope Fundraiser
  •         12/10- Hot Lunch (Hamburger/Cheeseburger) & Queen of Hearts at Kenny’s- Drawing @ 7:00pm
  •         12/11- Dress Down Day for $1 College Attire & Christmas Shoppe Shopping
  •         12/13- Christmas Performance!

Calling All Parents!

We are always looking for parent volunteers for lunch and recess!

Duty is from 11:30- 12:15 PM

We thank you in advance for your time!

  • Book Orders are due on Wednesday, 12/5!

114 class code is: QDGGT  115 class code is: TTHZN

  • Our Christmas Performance is December 13th

Student Reminders!

  • Continue to review your multiplication facts at home! Timed Test on Monday, 12/3!
  • Early Morning Test Review sessions Monday and Tuesday morning at 7:30 AM for Room 114
  • Religion Chapter 4 Test on Tuesday (115) and Thursday (114)
  • Science Unit 1 Test on Wednesday (114) /Thursday (115)… (Chance it could switch to Friday depending on our models)
  • Spelling Unit Test on 12/7

Monday (B), Tuesday (C), Wednesday (D),

Thursday (E), Friday (F)