5th Grade News!

Dates to remember: 

Monday, November 11– 9:30 Veterans Day Mass

Wednesday, November 13– Social Studies Chapter 2 Test

Thursday, November 14– Unit 2 Science Test, Simple Solution lessons 12-13 due

Friday, November 15– End of Trimester 1

Tuesday, November 26– 11:30 dismissal, Parent Teacher Conferences (Students are to come with)

Monday, December 2– School Resumes

Thursday, December 12– 5th Grade hosts Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass at 9:30- all are invited and welcome

Math:  Students just finished up chapter 2 on division. We will be moving on to adding and subtracting decimals. There are a lot of rules when adding and subtracting decimals, but we will learn songs and saying to help us remember! We will hopefully get half of chapter 3 done before Thanksgiving break. Simple Solution lessons 12 and 13 will be due Thursday, November 14. Students can always practice math skills online on IXL.

Science: Students have been learning about the modernization of technology and how engineers have had a big part of that modernization. Last week, students were able to compare some of the first cell phones to cell phones we have now. They could not believe that T9 texting was once a thing! We will be finishing up the unit next week and our test will be Thursday, November 14. After that we will be moving on to discuss and plan for the invention project. Lots of information will be sent to parents about this project next week.

Social Studies: Students have been learning about Native American cultural regions and tribes. They have been comparing four different cultural groups and learning about their traditions. Students will soon do further research on these groups and present their findings to the class. We will finish up this chapter next week and the test will be on Wednesday, November 13.

Religion: Students just took their test on the sacraments. Students learned about the seven sacraments and began understanding the deeper meaning within each one. Students also learned what signs represent these seven sacraments. We will be moving on to the Advent chapter next to prepare our students for the Advent season.

Reading: We are continuing to read our digital text, Washed Up!  Students are analyzing relationships between individuals, concepts, and events based on information provided in the text.  We are reading selected chapters in the Sign of the Beaver and students are independently practicing the skills complete in class.   Next, we will be reading a non-fictional informational text about the rainforest.  Students will continue to compare text elements and use quotes accurately.

Language Arts: We are beginning Ch. 3 in Shurley English.  Students will be identifying prepositional phrases and reviewing singular and plural verbs.   In writing, students are wrapping up with informational essays.  Students have chosen an ecosystem and have selected an interesting detail to begin their writing.  We will continue to focus on informational writing until Thanksgiving break.  In Unit 7 of spelling,  students will be studying words that have vowel changes when a suffix is added.