5th Grade News

Friday, September 28th, 2018

*All school dress down – wear red on Thursday, October 4th

*No school on Monday, October 8th

Religion – Students have been studying how Jesus shares his mission with the Church and how the Church acts together as the Body of Christ.  In Chapter 3, students will review the Seven Sacraments and the different types of Sacraments and why they are celebrated.

Reading – We have finished our first novel, Night of the Spadefoot Toads.  Students are completing their novel study with a dodecahedron project.  Students have been working hard to analyze, how characters respond to challenges, story topics, how characters change, all to find theme.  Next, we’ll be reading Washed Up on our Chromebooks which is a short chapter book.  Students will learn how to quote accurately from a text and use quotes in order to support their thinking.

Language Arts – In writing, we are studying narrative elements.  Students will be writing vignettes this week.  They will incorporate figurative language into their vignette and will practice writing in detail.  In spelling, students are studying spelling patterns for long i and long o.  In English, students will be classifying prepositional phrases.

Math – In math, we just finished Chapter 1 on Place Value. We began Chapter 2 this week and starting with practicing our long division. Students have been practicing representing division problems with base ten blocks as well. Students are encouraged to practice their math skills on their Chromebooks on our online program IXL. Students also have simple solution exercises every other week to complete for a grade.

Science – This week in science, students were put in the teacher role. Students were in groups and researched a topic about scientific tools. They presented their information in a slide presentation, planned and facilitated activities with their peers, and gave an assessment to see if their students were listening. I was very impressed with the activities the students came up with! We are finishing up Chapter 1 next week.

Social Studies –  In Chapter 2, students are taking notes on the different Native Americans that living in North America.  Students will be studying the Iroquois, Cheyenne, Hopi, and Kwakiutl tribes.