5th Grade News

Monday, October 14th – No School

Monday, October 21st – Red Ribbon Week begins!

Friday, October 25th – All school Mass at 9:30


In math we are finishing up our first chapter. Students have been working very hard in math. Students have been learning about the properties of equations, order of operations, and how to solve multi-step problems. They will have their first math test on Tuesday, October 1. Students have a review they completed in class that will help them study. Simple Solutions are still due every Thursday. Students are now responsible to complete two simple solution lesson a week. I am adapting to routines that are expected in junior high so that it is not as big of a shock for the students.

In science we are finishing up our scientific method investigation. Students have been designing paper airplanes with different wings to see which wing style allows the plane to go further. Our mini scientists have been hard at work using steps of the scientific method. Students will finish their investigation next week as they graph their results. We will be moving on to scientific tools after students complete their investigation.

In Social Studies we have started our first chapter in the textbook called Life in The Western Hemisphere. We are in lesson 2 which discusses the different cultures of the early migrants of the United States. In social studies we switch off our note taking strategies. This chapter is a paper and pencil note chapter, but next chapter we will do notes on the chromebook. Students are able to still use paper and pencil if they prefer to. We like to switch it off every other chapter and give the student a choice.  We are anticipating a chapter 2 test on October 17th or 18th.

We will be moving into chapter 3 in Religion.  Students will be reviewing the seven sacraments and learning about the sacraments of initiation, healing, and service.  We will continue to use file folders for our notes; it’s going very well!  Students are doing a great job working together and independently.

In English and Language Arts, the students will continue to practice stamina writing.  In writing, we will be writing vignette and focusing on incorporating details into our writing.  In spelling, we are in Unit 4 and studying words with the /aw/ sound.  There will be a spelling test on Friday, October 18th.

We are have begun reading Night of the Spadefoot Toads.  Students will be comparing and contrasting, determining point of view and its effect, and making inferences about characters using text evidence.  Students have been given a reading schedule and it’s also posted on our Google classroom.  We will be practicing these skills with a variety of short stories in order to strength student abilities.