9/17: News from 5th

This week was another short week. It started with a day off and ended with a Pep Rally! GO CARDINALS!

Social Studies: We finished the Overview unit, and started Unit 1. This Unit covers a large span of time from 700AD to 1900. In this unit, we will be talking about North America and the Ancient Cultures of the Eastern/Western Hemispheres.

Science: This week we started Unit 3, which discusses the basic organelles of cells, the multiplication of cells, and the difference between dominant and recessive traits. The students received their Cell Model Project information today. Each student will need to make a model of a plant and animal cell. These will be due Monday, Oct. 18th. Please sign the information sheet that your student brings home and return to school.

Grammar: After working really hard to find prepositional phrases in sentences, we can now move on to making sure our sentences have subject-verb agreement, and reviewing singular vs. plural.

Reading: We have made it through the first third of our novel, Night of the Spadefoot Toads. Students ended the week with a review assignment over Chapters 1-9.

Religion: We are wrapping up our first chapter about how we can serve the Kingdom of God, and invite others to join and become disciples of Jesus.

SEL: This week was our 2nd week of Self Control. We reviewed what it means to have self control, and the students made skits about how to use the information we learned in real-life situations.

This week our class got together with our new Buddies from Half-Day Preschool. The students are so excited to spend some time hanging out with the little ones! Yesterday, we played outside with our new Buddies, and today we helped our Buddies make Cardinal hats for the Pep Rally this afternoon. We are looking forward to a fun year with our little Buddies!

Have a Wonderful Weekend – Mrs. Witkowski