Friday, December 14th

Upcoming Dates:

  • Wednesday, December 19th – $1.00 Misericordia dress down.  Students can wear Christmas colors or apparel.  There is a Band Concert at 7 pm.
  • Thursday, December 20th – All school Mass at 9 am
  • Friday, December 21st – 1 pm dismissal
  • School resumes on Monday, January 7th

Religion- In religion, we are focusing on a few different service projects. The 5th graders decorated stockings with their buddies earlier this week. They are being sent to a senior citizen home, so they can use them to decorate their rooms. The 5th grade also is working on their Friends of Jesus projects, which is helping them decide how to use their $50 to make a difference.

Reading – We are finishing reading Real-Life Superheroes next week.  Students have been practicing identifying main ideas and key details and identifying cause and effect relationships.  We are practicing these skills with our Social Studies book to help students better understand important ideas in Chapter 5.

Language Arts – In English, students will be learning about inverted and natural sentence order.  In writing, students are analyzing the different structures of informative writing and learning how to write according to these structures.  In Spelling, students will be reviewing Units 1-5.  The next Spelling test will be after Christmas break.

Math –  In Math, we just finished up chapter 4 on multiplying decimals. Students were given a reflection assignment to reflect on their most recent test grade and how we can improve our habits. Students who are struggling with multiplication or division facts should use this winter break to focus on those math facts. Flashcards and IXL practice are just two ways they can improve their math skills during break. When we come back in January, we will be moving onto dividing decimals.

Science – In science, we just finished up our cell unit. We will be preparing for our test, which is Wednesday, December 19. Students will receive study materials for the test, and we will have two days of review as well. Students should be working on their invention project which includes, drawing a model of their invention, building their invention (with the help of a parent or adult), and starting to draft their invention paper. If you have any questions please let me know. Invention project is due January 14.

Social Studies – In Social Studies, we are reading about the original colonies. We read about The Lost Colony of Roanoke, which the students were very interested in. Students used clues and evidence to come up with what might of happened to the colony. We will be continuing to read about how the 13 original colonies came to be, and we will have a test on Thursday, December 20 on chapter 5.