Friday, November 30th

  • Monday, December 3rd – 9am Reconciliation
  • Thursday December 6th – $1.00 Dres Down for Gift of Hope, wear green, purple, or white
  • Friday, December 7th – 8am Mass, 5th grade meets in Church
  • Wednesday, December 12th – 5th grade leads the Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass

On Tuesday, we had a gender reveal celebration to find out if Baby Gridelli is a boy or girl. Students read superstitions about how they can take an educated guess and vote for either girl or boy. They then took the results and graphed them. Finally, students were given bags, which they all ripped open to find pink ribbon! Mrs. Gridelli is having a girl! 

Religion – In Ch. 8 students are learning about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  We have explored ways that the Holy Spirit strengthens our relationship with God.   In ch. 9, students will explore the Sacrament of Confirmation in depth and learn about the symbols and actions of the celebration.

Reading – We are finishing Wonder.  Students have worked hard keeping up with the reading schedule and applying critical thinking skills to this novel.  Students have explored lit circle jobs that they will see again once it comes time for lit circles.  Next, we will be moving back into our ReadyGen reading program.  Students will be reading non fictional stories and identifying main ideas and supporting details.

Language Arts – Students are classifying sentences with compound parts and identifying the different types of pronouns.  In Spelling, students are reviewing short vowel sounds and the different ways they are spelled.  Coming up in writing, students will be writing opinion pieces, focusing on providing strong reasons and logical supporting details.

Math – In math, we started learning how to multiply decimals! Students are learning many different methods they can use to divide decimals. They will relate decimals to money and work out word problems that involve money. We will continue to work on this next week. Simple Solutions will be assigned on Monday and will be due Friday.

Science – We are learning about cells and the different systems in our body. We just learned about the nervous system and will continue on. I have been using many graphic organizers to help students keep track of all of the different systems! Students were given feedback on their intent to invent. Most students should be starting to work on the drawing of their invention and slowly move into the building process. Students were told they should spend no more than $15, if that much, on materials for their invention. The invention project is due January 14.

Social Studies – We have been learning about Spain and how they built their empire.  Students have learned about the effect of Columbus’ voyages and how Spain came to conquer the Aztec and Incan empires.