Weekly News 10/19

This Week in 5th Grade:

Science – We are presenting our cell model projects! Each student made a 3D model of an animal and plant cell, and must present their models to the class. I must say, all of them did a Fantastic job!

Social Studies – We are learning about the early European Explorers, which will finish out our chapter on Life in the Eastern Hemisphere. Well be having a test over Chapter 3 on Monday.

English/Language Arts – We have been talking about compound sentences, and how to fix fragment/run-on sentences. We are in the middle of the novel The Road to Freedom, which is about a young girl and her mother trying to escape the cruelty of slavery.

Religion – We have been talking about the Liturgical Calendar, and learned about the Church seasons. This week we just started a new chapter on prayer. By the end of the chapter, I hope to have a whole classroom of Prayer Warriors!

Have a wonderful week!

-Mrs. Witkowski