Starting off 2020 in 5th Grade!

Happy New Year! Our 5th graders have started off 2020 great and we are in for a very busy month. Below are important dates to remember:

Friday, January 17th – Invention projects are due (Students can begin bringing in their inventions starting Wednesday, January 15. Please do not send students with inventions earlier than the 15th.)

Friday, January 24th Innovation Fair 1:30 – 2:30 You are able to come view the amazing inventions that will be displayed in the fifth grade classrooms. Students will be dismissed at the regular time, at 3:00.

Sunday, January 26th – Catholic School Week Mass at 9:30, then Open House from 10:30 – 1:00.  Inventions will be on display!

Tuesday, January 28th – 5th Grade Performance at 7pm in the Parish Center

Wednesday, January 29th – 5th Grade will be leading Mass for Catholic Schools Week, come celebrate with us at 10:30 am!

This Week in 5th Grade: 

Math – To start off the new year, all fifth grade students made a goal they would like to reach in math. We focused on the common core standards we cover in fifth grade and each student reflected on what they believe they want to improve on before the end of the school year. The students worked really hard coming up with these goals and we will be referring back to them to check in on our progress. We have just started a new unit on multiplying decimals and the students have been working hard after being on break for two weeks! Two Simple Solution lessons are due every Thursday, except when we have a quiz scheduled. 

Science – The students have been reflecting on their invention project progress this week and making plans on completing this big project! I am very proud of the progress the students are making and the effort they are putting into this. Inventions are to be completely finished and built on January 17. Students can begin bringing in inventions on January 15. Please do not send the inventions in until January 15, as we have to make room for all of them in our classrooms! We have just started a new unit on the classification of living things. We will be going back and forth between our invention paper and our science textbook for the next two weeks. 

Religion – Students have been reflecting on their Friends of Jesus service project. It was so great to hear of the students experiences they had with this project. We stressed the importance of giving to the needy, especially during the holiday season. We will be moving on in our We Believe textbook and we will be learning how we can turn to God. Students will be learning a lot of forgiveness and penance in this chapter. We will have discussions that include scenarios in which we may turn to God for help. 

Social Studies – Before break students created manuscripts and performed skits to exemplify the important events that took place in Chapter 3. We were blown away with the great talent we have in our fifth grade classes. We are now moving on to Chapter 4 where we will learn about how America was founded. Students will read about Christopher Columbus and the struggle of power when America was first discovered. 

Reading – Students are reading Holes or Tuck Everlasting.  We will be analyzing characters, events, and vocabulary as we read through the novel.  Reading schedule have been posted in Google classroom and students also received a hardcopy.  Students are completing work as they read to ensure they are comprehending the novel and taking a moment to reflect on the events. We will be using context clues in order to understand vocabulary along with defining words in class.

Language Arts – In English,  students are learning how to classify compound sentences.  They are learning about the different types of sentences that have compounds in them.  We will be focusing on subjects and verbs in order to focus on the compound parts. In writing, students will be beginning some persuasive writing this week.  Students will focus on differentiating reasons and details and learning how to include both in a persuasive piece. In spelling, students are learning how to spell words with the /ur/ sound in them.  We are focusing on the spelling patterns that spell this sound. There will be a Spelling test on Friday, January 17th.