6th Grade Newsletter

Hello 6th grade families!

As of Monday, 9/28, our class is fully into the swing of things!

In Math class, we have learned about positive and negative integers, graphing numbers on a number line, ordering numbers, and absolute value. The students have taken a quiz on these concepts, and this week we are moving on to Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiple, and rational numbers. The students will take their second quiz, which covers GCF and LCM, on Wednesday.

In Social Studies, the students have completed the lesson “Investigating the Past,” which introduced the concepts of archeology, geology, and what it means to be a historian. The students explored the caves of Lascaux in a virtual field trip to France. This week, we are finishing our unit on early hominids. The students have learned about the strengths and weaknesses of the first humans to walk the Earth millions of years ago. The test for this unit will be on Friday.

In Literature class, we answered the question, “How do authors use facts, evidence, reasoning, and specific language to convey an argument?” The students demonstrated their understanding of this concept by forming their own argument about the dangers of ocean storms. This week, we are moving on to a fictional text to help us explain how an author develops the point of view of a narrator or speaker in a text.

We have been busy writers in Language Arts! The students learned about the writing process by penning their own free-verse nature poems. The students then explored expository writing by writing an informational essay about themselves. This week, we will move on to narrative writing, which coincides with our literature unit. Additionally, the students have been reviewing types of sentences in order to write more fluently. They will take a “types of sentences” quiz on Tuesday.

In Religion class, the students read “God’s Revelation” and learned the different ways that God reveals himself to us. This week, we are wrapping up the chapter titled “Creation.” The students have learned some details about creation, the book of Genesis, and God’s attributes. Previously, the students wrote and performed dramatic reenactments of the creation story. The students will take their Creation test on Friday of this week.

We have also been having a blast getting to know each other in SEL! We will continue to build community, social awareness, and individual awareness using social emotional learning throughout the year.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or celebrations to share.

Thank you!
Ms. Allison Russell